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Just a wandering INFP who finds solace in the silence and expresses her voice on paper in a world filled with paper-thin voices.
Be bright, be beautiful, and most of all, be YOU! You were sculpted by the sculptor of the stars; glow, you miracle you!

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I tried to write a free-form poem, but it didn't exactly work, lol. Tell me what you think!

Stormy Soul

October 21, 2017


They say love is like fire
Passionate and wild
But that is not the case
When it comes to people like me.

I'm like a storm, a hurricane, monsoon,
Underneath these flesh and bones.
Can't you see the raging funnels inside?
The thunder behind my eyes?

Others have tried to tame
The churning storms inside,
But no one can survive the pain I can bring.
Except you, my dear,
The one with the power to calm a storm like me.

If you manage to break through my pounding hail of a wall,
Then inside you shall find the calm.
Only you, my dear,
with warm fingers of flame
Can thaw this churning heart,
And show my untamed soul that yours is the same.
Not really a poem but kind of is? I'm not exacrly sure.


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