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I really like doing description for stuff so this was a lot of fun to do! I'd love any feedback you guys have!

The Boy and the Journal

October 21, 2017

1) The boy picked up the journal and read it.

2) The young boy picked up the old journal from one of the many dusty boxes scattered around the attic. He began to page through the book, reading the faded writing carefully by the light of the moon streaming through the far window in order to uncover the secrets of the past.

3) The young boy, having crept upstairs ever so silently as to not wake his sleeping parents, tiptoed across the creaky attic floorboards to a haphazard stack of dusty boxes. He knew he was forbidden to go into the attic, especially at night and with no supervision, but he couldn't resist the temptation of his new discovery. He gingerly picked the leather bound journal and paged through the ancient tome. As his eyes roamed the faded ink on its yellowed pages, his heart raced with the thrill of uncovering pieces of the past by the light of the full moon.


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