White Swan, Black Swan

October 21, 2017

"You can be Odette." A young girl, perfectly blonde and adorable, nods her head with absolute certainty and satisfaction. A cry from the background. Blonde turns and notices another girl, with brown hair and a fair face, screaming in indignation. "Why are you sad?" She queries. She wonders if her parents were arguing too this morning, and a small connection tentatively reaches out Brunette. But for the thousandth time, a connection is broken between her and anybody as the sullen face transforms into something uglier, something not quite pathetic but meekly furious. "I'm Odettey!" She yells, then seems to realize how bad she looks.  The mulish look appears once again on her face and tears spring to her eyes as she stares at their teacher, a kind, big boned woman who always seems excited. Blonde simply gazes at her and tries to control her urge to correct the pronunciation."But you're Odile. You're Odile. She's a main character too." Something in Teacher's eyes tells Blonde that she wasn't going to make Brunette Odile. Blonde remains sitting there in confusion as Brunette opens her eyes wide and pitiful for what feels like the time between each birthday. Then, guilty eyes turn towards Blonde, Teacher's blue eyes, and Blonde, only half understanding, passes the popsicle doll of Odette to Brunette. Triumph, sickening triumph fills Brunette's face and the pathetic look is gone as she practically throws her Odile doll at Blonde and scurries around to show her friends. Blonde realizes and fights a tinge of disappointment. Mama said she would be so proud if she was Odette. Blonde smiles at Teacher. "Odile is special too." White Swan, Black Swan. 


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