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Cold Touch

October 21, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

beautiful things seem to hurt the most. I remember having to walk home from school on a cold fall afternoon because my fathers truck wouldn't start. if it was too cold for the vehicle to start I don't understand how it was warm enough for me to start. I began my journey from my middle school to my house down the street. I stepped out of the building to see snow falling. everyone was hurrying to their vehicles or back inside but I looked up at the sky and saw nothing but a gorgeous sight. the snowflakes were falling faster than I could count them. I began to walk but stayed looking up at the sky. I felt as if I was about to free fall into heaven. would this be it? would this be my last moment? I ask myself those questions yet I never responded to my own queries. if that was my last moment I wouldn't have cared. the snow was breathtaking but it hurt. I could feel my face freeze up and turn numb. My fingertips felt as if they were about to fall off and let the rest of my body be exposed to the cold. I looked straight ahead for the first time since I started this journey and saw I was just a few steps away from home. I stopped just to look at the flakes one last time. I stood there and let the unique flakes of snow hit my skin and melt to turn into warm water. I couldn't feel my face anymore. its like I didn't even exist yet I was still there. I finished those last few steps to my door and walked in. As soon as I took my first step in I removed all my winter gear and continued to look up. but my roof will never be as fascinating as the snowflakes burning my skin with their cold touch.


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