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Bill Runs For Mayor: Chapter One - An Introduction

October 20, 2017


What is politics? It is when you listen to people's problems and do nothing about them. Also, you promise things that won't keep, like the voters are your significant other. And you must always disagree with everyone, including yourself.

Bill, as a school principal, did all of these things. But instead of voters, all the students hated him. They posted rude things on Twitter, Facebook, and somehow MySpace. All the students hated Bill McDonaldson, and he didn't know why. Even his son didin't like him. Once, when he asked his son to play gold with him, he wa promptly told to, "Go fly a kite".

So, Bill thought if everyone hated him as a school principal, the y would love him as the mayor of their city, Springland.

But first, he had to get past the city's weird citizens.


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