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Food From Other Cultues.

October 20, 2017


Welp. It seems Lee Fudge has gotten so terrible, he's talking about forge in food.

But seriously, have you seen some of this stuff?!

Did you Ecuador eats Guinea pig? And when you eat at a restaurant, you have to choose which one you want cooked.

That is not a joke. It's like choosing between a puppy and baby. And I even more strange, they breed them in chicken coop like buildings.

However the weirdest, at least I think comes from Asia. Some areas of China eat snakes.

And ever the I see one of these foods, I feel like I should make a song about how bad the food looks.

But honestly, no wants to hear a song written by me.



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  • Lee Fudge

    It would be bad

    over 2 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Why wouldnt people want to hear a song written by you?

    over 2 years ago