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Why I Write

September 20, 2015

PROMPT: Why I Write

Becky Wolf
Period 7
    Why do I write? I write for many different reasons. When I write essays it is always for schoolwork, but I write different things too, things that are just for me. I like to write down quotes I love and thoughts that pop into my head because I like to be able to remember how they made me feel. I write down things that make me sad and I write down things that make me happy and I write down things that I just find beautiful. I like to write because when I do it helps me understand what I am feeling. I like to keep my memories because one day when I am old I won’t be able to remember the time I felt like I was never going to be unhappy again but if I write it down then that memory will last with me forever. I like writing for fun because I don’t have to follow any rules when I write for me. I like the way my sentences sound more, and everything I write sounds much more like me. I understand that I need to learn how to write formally for school and my future career but writing whatever I want feels so much more real. I write because I have to but I also write because I love to. I wish I had more time in my day so that I could write stories. I love fiction because you are able to create a whole different world, and know the people in it better then most of the people you know in real life. Writing this makes me want to go home and start a story, but I am almost one hundred percent positive I won’t have time. I like to write because I feel like I can show a different side of me through my words. I feel like I have so many different sides, when I am with my family, when I am with my friends, when I am playing sports, when I am with strangers, at all these times I am a different version of me. My writing shows yet another side of me, and I believe that this is one of the truest sides, and I think that is why I like writing so much.
Of course there are times where I don’t feel like writing at all. Like when I have an essay I don’t have time for or just don’t like the topic. At those times I despise writing. I think it is kind of sad that people are able to despise writing. It is sad that something that can bring so much joy can be turned so bad and upsetting. When I am writing something I really care about that is when I love writing the most. I like to write when I get to express my inner voice. I love when I hear a word or phrase that is so good I just have to write it down. That feeling of finding something that actually means something to me is just so satisfying.


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