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ignition 30/11

November 30, 2017

PROMPT: Why I Write

i don't write for you.
    i don't write to hear your voice--
        let your words rot in the earth like offal.
you never saw the sunset, not like me--
    squinting, feeling the redness rise inside you.
        your judgements belong in the fleshy soil: let the worms feed on them
for all i care.

i don't write for you.
    heartlessness is that which guides
         your pen, not mine, and heartlessness decays:
words written in blood will never last,
    rather decompose as unbridled, convulsing sun
        to feeble, turgid moon. let them. they will seep through the earth, unnoticed,
like water.

i don't write for you. i never did:
    i wrote for the flares, the crazy wildfire boom or bust
        of blazing imagination. i wrote for the smile on his face,
the feeling of palm to palm, rigid heart to aching soul.
    but you never saw the sunset, not like me, and
        you never felt the wind against your face. 
            you never felt the words hammering against your chest with a
fist of gold.

i don't write for you. you'll try to turn my words to ashes--
    but fire lives on, rather reduces what's around it
        to d u s t...
are you jealous? did you want the rage of unyielding passion to 
    thump against your eyelids? or are you happy with dead fish flesh
        and the crude stench of your own spite. 
            oh silent reader, didn't you try to take the heat from under me? but i'll rise again,
a phoenix, from what you gave me.

i don't write for you.


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