Hunter Lanagan

United States of America

Our Minds

March 16, 2018


I have always been scared of the dark, not because I can't see where I am going, but because I can't see who or WHAT is coming. Think about it, you think that everywhere is safe because you can see in front of you and won't run into anything. You really never think about what is beyond that wall of light, what if there is a serial killer? A pit? Assassins? There could be anything, yet you can only see that you are safe cause the light shows only a few feet in front of you. Oh, but don't forget what can lie behind you, that's even more dangerous than beyond the wall of light because you can't see behind you unless you turn around. Now thinking about it you probably wish you had eyes in the back of your head.... 

Our minds and eyes like to play tricks on us......or so we think it's our minds. Maybe the dark figure we see across the room is really there, or the scratching on the walls is someone's memory of an event that had happened to them. We never really think about the things we see at night as "real" or a memory that is being played over and over. Maybe the demons we see sitting across from us on our bed are warnings of what is to come or the voices we hear, but just cant decipher, as if they are just far enough to be heard clearly but the words muffled are warnings of a darker energy that has come. We could possibly be pushing off warnings as our mind playing tricks on us, or that maybe its other family members up at unreasonable times or a family pet scratching at the door or eating. We try to fix our minds onto something that seems possible and not something that we cant see with our own eyes. This is why some people put cameras up in their see if they can catch anything, or they will at least do this if they believe. They say that cameras and pets can see things we can't, its interesting to think that not only could something beyond our capability of sight trying warn us, but maybe our own animals are trying to warn us that something VERY dangerous lurking in our own home, our place of safety.  We shouldnt take what we see or hear as a our mind playing tricks or our pets walking around our house, just think about what you though as a kid.....

What is the real reason we suddenly wake up at night? Is someone watching us? Thinking of us? We won't ever truly know, but the though of someone watching us. Yes, there is another possibility for us suddenly waking up, but this one is by far the scariest. Think about it, if our brains have a the ability to sense when someone is starring at us, don't you think that it would be able to sense if something we cant see is? It's a strange concept to think about, but we won't ever be able to know if something beyond our ability of sight is watching us. It could be thinking anything, this is where the second thought comes in and we out them together. What is, something we can't see is watching us while thinking of ways to hurt us, in other words: think of us. I know that when I said that someone might be thinking of us when we suddenly wake up at night, that they might like us. Well what if that someone is an entity that wants to hurt us...not have a romantic stroll on the boardwalk. This is something that could also be tied in with sleep paralysis. When you wake up and you are in sleep paralysis, you're not able to something is locking us in place, like it's sitting on us. Then there have been reports of people being able to see a dark, human like figure with no features, standing in the corner of the room or standing over them. 

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