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Elissa Krause

United States

Cinderella's Ring

September 19, 2015

Dear Diary,
Today we recieved my grandmother's jewerly box from my aunt Carol who drove it all the way to us from Colorado. Mom insisted on spreading out all of the jewerly on her bedcover before I could see it. When she finally let me into the room I stopped in awe. Her entire queen sized bed was covered in antique jewerly. Mom explained that she hadn't even opened every drawer in the box yet! I spent most of two hours looking through the entire collection. It would've done a museum of the average grandmother's jewerly collection proud. Looking through something as personal as her jewerly made me realize something about my grandmother. I'd never gotten to know her very well as she lived so far away. I realized that she loved pretty things and the girly pleasure of putting on a fabulous pair of earrings as much as I did. To be honest I was shocked. She was such a frugal old lady. I couldn't imagine her spending money on anything unessential. I'd always thought my grandmother couldn't like me because she and I were so diferent. I was a free artist. As you know, diary, I love all things art related and fashion is just another branch of art. To see my grandmother's artistry and fashion sense as I looked through her personal jewerly gave me such a sense of peace for our relationship. I've choosen one of her simple rings that has a large semi precious aqua stone set in it to wear. It's so simply, yet so magnificent. I think I shall call it the Cinderella ring in honor of the little bit of Cinderella in both my grandmother and I. 

With love, 


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