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Lee Fudge

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The Absolutely True Memoirs of Stephen Magoo (With Help From Lee Fudge): Chapter One

October 19, 2017


Before I begin my most esteemed life story, I have to thank a couple of people. I will also put their reactions to this great memior.

First, I must thank Charles S. Fudge, for helping me write this memoir.

"...Don't read this, Stephen Magoo is not a good person," - Charles Fudge

Next I must thank my publicist, Angeline.

"You're r going to a war crime tribunal in three days, why the heck are you writing a book?!"- Angeline St. Nota-Person.

My parent, I think there's s law saying I have too...

"No matter what you do, we'll always be disappointed," - Avaragdo and Averyard Magoo.

And finally, I must thank the person in shadows, the person that supports my endeavors, "M". I don't know his real name.

"I was just being sarcastic man," - M.

Amd with that, we can begin.


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