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Tree: You Are my Dad

September 20, 2015

PROMPT: Dear Tree

Dear Mr.Tree,
    How you doing Mr. Tree? I hope you doing good. There is nothing that you do, but sit strong and still; matter a fact, you a good thief: you steal the carbon dioxide from the air and tranform it into human good. What you exhale is what I breath, what you cover is my shade, that hard bark is what I lean on, and you make me really gay. Mr.Tree you been there for me my whole life. When I hold a depression, you are there for me: hugging me while I use your leaves as tissues for my nose and eyes. When I am mad you are there, letting me punch your hard, brown, and cracked bark; until, I finally forget and lay on your arms. When I have an eerie feeling that brings chills to my spine, you were there supporting me with a hiding spot. When I felt outcasted and inadequate, you whisper to me, " Come ol sport, come! I'm here! Just lay on me, talk to me, cry on me, laugh with me, and stay with me to watch the beautiful twilight. I'm here ol sport, I'm here!". And There I go, running to you, hugging you, loving you, climbing you, and wipeing my griefing tears with its green tissues.    
     You taught me many lessons Mr. Tree, and I still remeber the first one. This was when I first met you, I attempted to climb your trunks and then I'd free-falled onto your roots. That one day, you taught me to be resilient. So, I kept on climbing and I kept on falling; until finally, I made it to the top and I rised like a proud baby baboon, with my buttocks stingy from all the falls.
    Mr. Tree yesterday I brought my future girlfriend over and I know you really didn't mind, I heard you kind of whispering, " That-a-boy, champ! She is cute and she makes you happy, she is a keeper and the key to love." and I just smiled because I trust you...and this might sound crazy, but, I love you Mr. Tree. You are what I never grew up with, what other kids have and I don't, a Father to me, my DaDa. I love you Dad ! I love you. And if the government tries to bring you down, I will fight for you. When I have kids, I will show you your grandsons and granddaughters. And when I am old, dad, I'll put a rocking chair and sit while time advances leaving us alone. I love you pops! Thank you for being there for me.

Your son,
Hector Dariel (Tree) Medina

P.S: I hope the world sees this letter. For the kids that did not grow up with fathers, to the kids that wish to meet them in person and actually give them a chance to be that father they needed when they were sick, sad, scared, or mad. Always give people chances, and if they screwed up they screwd up. Nobody is perfect because everybody is human; therefore, instead of holding grudges and being sad, just forgive and forget. I wish trees can talk because they would be filled with wisdom. This tree talked to me and it is incredible how I was able to understand what it was trying to tell me. Everything in this poem is true! I am not perfect.


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1 Comment
  • Raven Salvers

    OK, I'm impressed... literally I am to narrow minded to be able to write something like this... seriously I had the blank document and everything... and this is coming from the person who carries on conversations with herself :P keep working :)

    -that random person no one has ever heard of- :P

    about 3 years ago