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I'm Kristina and I'm a high school student in Australia with a passion for writing. I also make films on YouTube: Nina Marjanac Dream Away Productions. Thank you for looking at my stories.

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The Shoppers - By Kristina Marjanac

June 5, 2014

They skip, they limp, they shuffle, they speed walk, they are crazy people on the loose. And for what? To be what they are, consumers, buying their wants and not their needs in this hectic place known as a shopping center. The noise they stir, so great it creates a somewhat harmonious buzz. To left, the clinking of spoons hitting against the edges of a steaming coffee cup, a baby wailing hysterically in a mothers embrace, I listen as she hushes the child. Not far from them a prestigious young women in a suite is on the move in clacking vibrant red heels, passing the cafe. My attention soon turns to the right to an anxious middle aged man, not exactly focusing on his path and bumping into people, tables, trolley's and occasionally on his own two feet. ''What are you talking about? I sent them this morning!'' He half yells, biting his bottom lip. He wipes his free hand across his perspiring brow. Before I catch his next words, he disappears into the forever shifting crowd. My gaze shifts I hear the pattering of small feet, a young child, rushing to catch up to his mothers side. They head in the direction the man came from. ''Lucy! Stop pulling your sister's hair!'' An irritated mother cries to her daughters who look upon each other with maddened expressions. A few on lookers give the mother a dirty look. I shake my head, then my ears catch a new sound, a rattling of metal and squeak of wheels on tiles. A man in a neon yellow vest brings in a line of trolley's, down the end of the hall heading to K-mart. I frown as my ears also take in the cheesy shopping center music that fills the missing pieces of noise. Splash, Clank, zoop, woop, snip, screech, all the sounds bottle over. I sigh and pull from my bag a battered copy of a Harry Potter novel, I sit in the seats that filter within the shopping center isles and let my imagination drown out the volume of the crazy shoppers surrounding me.


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