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The Storm Begins

October 26, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

     I panicked underneath a table. I was confused, surprised, and bewildered. My head was spinning and I couldn't stop thinking about the world without me in it. Just as I was about to scream, someone had their hand on my shoulder. My head stopped and I found where I was again. A wave of relief and comfort rolled down onto me and as soon as I looked to see who it was, it vanished. I woke up from my bed. What kind of dream was that? I couldn't think now; it was already time for me to get up and go to school. I yawned as loud as a lion's roar and rolled onto the floor. I walked around the house, still thinking about that terrible dream. It was probably nothing. Dreams are just my imagination; dreams are never real. After doing my morning routine and quick chores around the house I grabbed my backpack. I stared at the time. 6:30. I still have time to relax. My dog, Harvey ran to me as if he has never seen me before. He licked my hand and sat behind me. Wagging his tail, he barked with joy and was glad to see me this morning. The clock showed 6:35. I have to run to the bus stop! I gave him a quick pat and ran off. The sky was cloudy like always, but today felt like rain. A flock of birds flew away. It was as if a hundred were all flying together. It filled me with joy to see nature coming together.
     I was just in time when the bus came. Everyone barged into the door at once but everyone got in. I was the last one but I didn't mind because I knew my friend would save me a spot. "Hey Jamie!" Exclaimed my friend.
"Hey, sorry I was late." I sighed.
"No problem. Sit down."
     I sat in the cold bus seat and the bus took off to our school. As the bus rolled on, we said our usual talk and asking whats new. Although nothing was ever new to us we still laugh it off. The bus made it to our school and once again, everyone tried getting out of the bus. Each one pushed one another but was all going to the same place. School felt like forever but for me it just went by in a snap. As soon as I blinked school was already over. I enjoyed school but only because that was the only place I could see my friends.
     After school we both decided to walk home. The clouds got darker, it was definitely going to rain. "It's going to rain without a doubt," I said.
"Well we better hurry walking otherwise we will get caught in the storm," My friend replied.
"Agreed. Want to come to my house?" I asked.
     Our footprints faded into the rain each step we took. We bolted and passed by everyone and everything like a rocket. Only one more block to my house. I repeated in my head; this made me run faster. My friend looked around and saw the burgundy house. It wasn't too big but wasn't tiny either. It was the perfect size to fit the neighborhood. "Over here!" She shouted. I turned to look back but I couldn't. I slipped and felt the wet ground. My friend shrieked and ran over to me. "Are you okay?" She asked, hoping I would be just fine. "Just wet from the rain lets go inside." I sighed. We walked into my house.
"Do you need anything?"
"No, i'm fine,"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah I just slipped its fine. It happens to everyone."
     Our backpacks flopped to the ground as we sprang onto the couch. I turned on the TV and the first channel was the news. We decided to watch it. I looked at the screen and saw the weather for today. The chance of rain today was a 60% chance of a small shower. I looked closer and I shrieked. There was going to be an earthquake. I looked over and saw my friend in shock. We never had been in an earthquake before nor would we ever want to be. She got nervously and asked to leave. She was afraid and wanted to be with her parents. I told her it was a good idea and we both went our separate ways. I paced around the room. What if I don't survive? Are earthquakes really that bad? What natural disasters will come next? I felt a shake underneath me. I hid under a table, scared and afraid. As the world shook before me I feel a hand on my shoulder. My mother looked at me. "It's okay," She softly said. I was glad my mother was there for me. Just as I thought there would be no one that can help me, my family comes to comfort me. "Thank you," I relieved.


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