Audrey Arbeeny

United States

Washed Up

November 27, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

    Step by Step, the footprints of my size six feet were shattered against the unbreakable sand while walking to the large portion of H20 . As coming up to the crashing, blue, sight seeing waves you can see the pattern of just two feet that followed up to me. The waves were big, but not to big, and when they crashed everything went white throughout the ocean. I gathered my sun-dazed specs, and color orientate carry on to the spot where you can see both the idols in the sky, and the lantern light blue object up in the distant. I pulled out chaotic bun and rested my head on my colored satchel, and decided that the fair colored sky was moving in an intensive momentum towards the sun, and the sun stopped, no movement, no internal engagements, just shut off. 


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