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War of the Races: The Sea Goddess Invasion (Part One)

October 16, 2017


In the world there are many islands, but there was one that was very populated. It was off the coast of the Kingdom of Dence, and was a trade center of the kingdom. The city on the island was called Gloomholm, and despite the name, it was pretty lively. There was a huge market, with multiple colorful tents, and was the most lively part of the city. It also had many fishing areas, which made it Gloomholm's cheif export. 

One day, of the coast, a large whirlpool formed. Then a twenty meter tall bumping monster surfaced. It was completely blue, had large claws, and had teeth like swords.

When it got to the shore, a man asked,"What brings you here, mate?"

"The Sea Goddess had entrusted me with a message," The Sea Messenger said.

"Oh, and what's that?" The man said.

"That she herself will destroy this city, through means of invasion," The Sea Messenger said.

The people were understandably shocked. Most of them worshipped Mare and her subordinate Piscis, God of Fish.

"But why would she destory us?!" A Mare Preistess (A person,typically a woman, that oversees the worship of Mare) asked.

"Because of the destruction you caused to the sea!" The Messenger roared.

"Every day of every month of every year, you throw you trash in the sea! You overfish, causing the balance of animals in the sea to plummet!" The Messager continued.

"We will take of the sea better!" The Mare Priestess yelled,"Please ask her to spare us!"

"The time for being spared is over," The Messanger, walking back into the ocean,"Now is the time for war,"

The series returns! Let me know if you like it.


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