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Fudge Talks About Old Driving People Driving

October 14, 2017


So, I got a badge saying I published one hundred pieces....twelve pieces later. Aside from how ridiculous it is I publish one hundred and twelve crappy pieces of writing, Zthis got me thinking about slow things. 

Like old people driving.

Okay I know it's a stereotype...but it's a true stereotype. At least, as far as I know.

So take, for instance, my Grandmother. Awesome lady, drives at least seven miles below the speed limit at all times. That's actually more than you may think. Certainly slower than, you know, GOING THE SPEED LIMIT. 

And this is nothing, compared to being in a different car than them, especially f you are behind them. It's like walking behind a slight faster turtle, or better example, walking behind s slow walker in a hallway.

Why did I do this? Oh yeah, I published one hundred pieces...oh.

(This is the moment Lee made terrible realization....he was introvert. An introvert with to much free time.)


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