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Jim and Tim Save the World! (Hopefully) - Chapter One

October 14, 2017


Chapter One: Why Does the World Need Saving?

So you not that guy on the history channel? That one that's always taking about aliens? Well, he's right. There are many aliens in the world. Matter in fact, they, indeed live on Mars. The only evidence of this that humans found out is that Mars Bars exist. Yes , they come from Mars. So these aliens went up to to space to plays good game of soccer (Soccer has also been proven to have been invented on Mars). Problem is, they forgot the soccer ball at home. One alien, saw a large rock, and saw this as the perfect soccer ball. To prove his point to the skeptical aliens he gave it a good kick, moving it two thousand meters away. Unfortunately for a planet know as Earth, this was their moon. The aliens after noticing a light screaming from far away, realized they had done a bad, and decided to instead of solving the problem they caused, they decided to get someone else to do it. They wanted an Earthling to do it.

Meanwhile, in a little place called Montreal, Canada, before the moon was kicked.

There were two guys named Tim and Jim. These two guys were best friends from 1993-1997 and 2001-Present Day. There were going to the bank to watch someone complain about the Prime Minister.

"Wait, why are we doing this?" Tim asked.

"Because he contradicts himself after a while," Jim said,"And I need a picture of his face,"

"What is that for your dumbfounded people scrapbook?" 

"You know it!" 

"Hey, where is the moon?" Jim asked.

"Uh, in the sky?" Tim asked.

"Dude, the moon should be setting, but it's not!" Jim yelled.

"But, we are surrounded by buildings! I don't see how you see that," Tim said.

"You can see at that fountain," Jim said pointing at said fountain.

The sign in the fountain said,"You can totally see the moon set," The moon set was not there.

"Man, this is a dumb way for us to figure out the moon's gone..." Tim said.

"Yes it is," Jim said.

There was a moment of silence, then a look of realization came across there faces.

"The Moon's gone!" They both said in unison.

The start of a dumb series!


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    Man, what a dumb way to realize that the moon's gone... Wait, THE MOON'S GONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    (I feel like I don't need to say it every time, but I'll do it anyway: good work!)

    about 2 years ago