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Quantum Gunman: Chapter Fourteen

October 16, 2017


Tyler was still driving during all this. In the mirror, he noticed someone on a motorcycle. The person rode up to driver side window. Tyler noticed this man wasn't wearing a helmet, because the man riding wanted Tyler to see him. This person was from the World Police Force, who wanted Tyler for reasons he didn't want to remember.

The person riding made a motion for Tyler to roll down the window. Tyler did so. The man riding said something, had a look of realization, did a facepalm, and pulled out his phone. Suddenly, Tyler got a phone call.

"So...uh...forgot I had you number," The voice said. Tyler saw it was the motorcycle rider.

"What do you want?" Tyler asked.

"What do I want?" The rider said,"I, Infinity Inferno, don't want things, I am to humble. This is about what the World Police Force wants."

"You know, just because you say your humble, doesn't your humble," Tyler said.

"Not the point," Inferno said,"The World Police Force gave up on capturing you...so now we're just gonna kill you." 

Tyler kind of expected this.

"So they sent you?" Tyler asked.

"No, they paid me, then asked me," Inferno said.

"Wait, they payed you up front?" 

"Yeah, weird isn't it?" Inferno said,"They said you're too dangerous to get paid afterward, which makes zero sense..." 

"Anyway, prepare to die!" Inferno yelled.

Inferno speed up to the center of the road, and prepared his attack.

It's back.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    "Just because you say you're humble, doesn't mean you're humble."
    "Not the point."

    (Great work, by the way. It's been a while since I've seen one of these! I'll actually be posting a new installment of one of my stories pretty soon. One that I have yet to post any of, other than the prologue.)

    over 3 years ago