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"the audience is only safe when the story isn't about them."

they/them - probably listening to sufjan stevens

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October 14, 2017


    It was like fire. It coursed through my veins, seized my brain, rattled my insides, but my mouth was the worst part of it. It was burning my tongue off, pinching each individual taste bud one---
    ---and now I could barely breath---
    ---I was dying. Why, why had I done it? It was---
    ---no time to think about that now--- I grabbed the cup--- not a drop of water in it---
    "Dude, the lemonade's not even that sour."


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  • Spiral Dragon

    Wow I loved the ending

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: i have a wattpad account @chrysanthemumsandink! shoot me a msg if you make an account :)

    5 months ago