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The Many Wars of the First Regime - Chapter One

October 14, 2017


"Sir, the Supreme Commander has died," An officer said.

The man he was talking to, General Gerald Von Baug, was rather pleased with this news. It was tragic of course, but pleased not the less.

"Oh? Maybe this will be the time I will be appointed the position," Von Baug said.

"Actually, they just announced the new Supreme Commander," The officer said.

"Did they know?" Von Baug said, leaning back in his chair,"Who did they appoint?"

The officer pulled out a letter with a gloved hand, and opened it.

"Attention All Army Officers," The officer began reading,"After the events following the death of former Supreme Commander, August Anderson, a new Supreme Commander must be appointed," 

The office looked suprised, making Von Baug confused.

"What is it?" He said.

"...The new Supreme Commander will be Major General Maximillion Von Straussman," The officer said.

Van Baug jumped out of his chair and yelled,"That's what it says?" 

"No, there's more," The officer said.

"Well finish!" Von Baug yelled.

"Sincerely," The officer read,"War Mimister Herald Hernan of the First Regime,"

Van Baug was silent.

"You have to read that part, Sir,"The officer said.

"I am going to the War Ministry Building," Von Baug said, leaving the room.

"In Riverberg?" The officer said,"That will take-" 

But Von Baug already left.


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