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Hello Hadley.

Braving Life (Chapter Seven)

October 16, 2017


    I woke up on the cold stone floor. As I stood up my head spun dangerously. I stumbled into the nearest couch trying to remember what had just happened. I held my trembling hands in front of my eyes, recalling how I'd shoved against Jesse's incredible power. I leaned my head back against the couch. He must really hate me, I thought. I looked down at the boots that he had given me. They were not so hazardous as my shoes, which continually untied themselves. Maybe he doesn't completely hate me. But of course, maybe new boots are required and don't have anything to do with my clumsiness. He does hate me then. After all, he left me to die on the floor. Maybe not die. But he didn't help me. I could've died. Then what? Would he have been sorry. Probably not. Cold unfeeling idiot. I stood up again, using some of my power to hold me upright. I tripped to the end of the room and leaned against the wall. Deep breaths. When I felt better, I swept a strong rope towards me. "Go tie Jesse Levers up and bring him to me," I whispered to it. Somehow I knew it wouldn't work, just before the rope fell to the ground. I had to be able to tell the rope a concrete certain place then will it to tie him up. "Ergha." I stomped out out of the room. "Jesse!" I called. "I know you're probably hiding from me but I need you NOW!"
    "Yes?" Jesse stopped in front of me. "What do you need, Jeannie?"
    "Oh, you know the usual."
    "Which is?"
    "To tell you how angry I am at you!" I slowly calmed myself. I held the rope up. "I could tie you up," I suggested carefully. I tilted my head at him. It suddenly whipped out of my fingers and ended up in Jesse's. "OW!"I cried looking at my red raw skin.
    "Jeannie, stop. You are not as strong as you think you are. I don't get you. You start out so weak and uncertain to be found strong. Then you think you rule the world but you're still very weak. You are very very odd."
    I used my power to whip the rope out of his hands. I quickly created a wall between us so that neither of us could use our magic against each other. "Who was your other choice? Tell me now!"
    "Why not?"
    "Because it could make you do something dangerous." Jesse stared gently at me. "You are so extraordinary Jeannie and you need to be so careful. I am your lucky caretaker. I need to watch you as much as you need me to."
    "And fight me, apparently. Wait, did you say lucky???"
    "I might be angry but I will never lose my sense of humour," Jesse replied cheekily. "As shown in the moment."  
    "You are the oddest person that I have ever met," I breathed.
    He winked.
    I blinked at him. "Please tell me you didn't just wink at me. Please." I closed my eyes and sighed. "Why why why, Jesse?"
    "True to my nature, dearie." He smirked.
    I shaped my power into a ball and threw it at his stupid face. He winced as it hit him. "Quit smirking at me."
    "That wasn't very strong, Jeannie. Plus, if you're going to survive this world, you can't use your power against everybody who smirks at you or makes you upset. So chill and... stuff."
    "You are one for words," I sarcastically returned.
    "Thank you."
    "Yeppers." I glared at him. Then I slowly smiled. "Thank you and stuff... you know."
    "You know, everything. I like feeling that I have a purpose in life, you know?"
    "Yeah, totally. I felt just like you. But you know, this place really helped me out."
    I nodded, leaned forward, and hugged him.
    "Whoa, slow down girl!"
    "I'm sorry? I express affection and you tell me to stop? Will that mess up my potential or something?"
    Jesse grinned almost shyly. "No, just making sure you don't get any ideas."
    "I would never!" I dramatically gasped.
    "You little jokester."
    "Now Jesse, be nice and tell me where I can get some food."


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  • rainandsonder

    I liked this chapter. Great work!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄

    I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    almost 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    The dialogue in this is amusing. ;) I can see some kind of relationship developing here. Even though it is rough.
    Keep writing!
    God bless!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄


    almost 2 years ago
  • BlueWriter


    almost 2 years ago