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Hope Springs: Chapter 1

October 13, 2017


Jack was walking through the abandoned district. This may seem weird to some people, but he just wanted some fresh air. And nothing like a burnt area of town to lift one's spirits! He saw a building that actually seemed to be untouched by the fire that made this place abandoned. There was a sign, which said,"Entities of Evil,". In the window, he saw an extremely thin man in a suit, watching him.

"No one would live here now..." Jack thought. 

So like any person would do, he went into the building.

Inside, it was completely abandoned. There were empty shelves, some of which on the floor, and in the center there was a large table. There was no sign of the thin man anywhere. On the table was a book. There was a piece of paper taped to the note. It seemed to have been just taped there. 

"For you, Pal" The note said. Jack did the sensible thing and opened it. 

The page he skimmed said something about the current year, 1984, and a person of interest in this year.

Then something tapped his shoulder, Jack turned around.

It was the thin man.

"Hey, Pal," The man said,"Wanna learn some magic?"


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1 Comment
  • RedWriter

    This is intriguing... but really I like the tone you take in writing. That's what drew me in.

    over 2 years ago