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And That's To Stay

By: BlueWriter


You smiled at me a very long time ago.
​It may not have been real.
​But believe me when I say,
​that I'd die right away,
for you.
​And that's to stay.

​Was holding my hand an accident?
​Because that was all you kept repeating.
​I already said 'ok'. Even though I could hear
​your heart beating.

​Will someone wake me.
I don't wanna be left here,
​trying to solve your riddles.
​But if its me that you want,
​that's all I need you to say.
​And that's to stay.

Message to Readers

SHORT Song/Poem.
Who is it for ??? I'll never tell. MWHAHA- sorry..
Love you guys!!

Peer Review

'Even though I could hear/your heart beating': this represented, to me, the subtlety of emotion in this piece. The speaker attempts to sift through the difficulties of love, not able to explain why their loved one rejects them, and they have a high degree of sensitivity to the emotions of their loved one. It's an intricate game of feelings. To me, this appeared to embody that.

It's really a very beautiful piece of writing, but by no means only two-dimensional. Despite being essentially sad and mournful ('I'd die right away/for you', 'it may not have been real'), it also has a charmingly uplifting element to it, a tiny piece of optimism 'if it's me that you want/that's all I need you to say', and the poet's prevailing belief that the one they love loves them back. This made a lovely blend of emotions and created a lovely, unique style.

I love the idea of this as a song - I think it has the potential to be very strong in this format too. Your use of repetition would be very effective for this, and you utilise rhyme similarly well. I just had a few questions about how you would end up doing that logistically though, as it interests me greatly. This is obviously by no means mandatory, but would you consider adding a chorus in? It could be just two lines, even, but it might lend more structure to what is essentially a narrative. Also, how do you visualise making this develop? The text itself is introspective in nature and, despite coming to a conclusion, is fairly static in terms of the emotional impact that each verse gets across (which isn't a criticism - it's beautifully done). This does make it harder to build it up, though. Do you visualise a song developing in texture, dynamics, instrumentation? How would this work with what you've written?

Reviewer Comments

I loved this piece, it was very enjoyable to read and I hope to come across more of your work in the future!