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Innocence To Guilt

September 24, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    When one is born and grows up, segregation as well as stereotypes and other sorts of racism and sexism are non existant and is unheard of. One grows up beliving that all humans are equal as well as the same as our titles; humans to the most specific detail. As a young person who is too young to understand what racism or segregation is can tell someone may be dufferent, but that doesn't effect their judement or thoughts on the person, they believe that deep down in the core the person is still like them. It is sad seeing children that are barely out of elementary school getting suspending from school becayse they wanted to show their teacher a homemade clock that looked like a little suitcase.  What grown ups are doing is taking what the young, foolish children and are making a big deal about their actions. The odds of a fifth grader brnging in a fully loaded .45 ACP Revolver is very unlikely. Rather than worry about what our young are doing, how about we focus on getting out of the $18,391,013,475,710 national debt or the $61,340,311,064,070 total U.S debt or make adjustments to the 108% increase in federal spending? No, a kid with a slightly gun shaped pop tart is more important. How about the $1,283,556,528,883 worth of school loan debt? But never mind that, what about #BlackLivesMatter? Why not #AllLivesMatter? As humans who are in denail, are angry, upset, and hurt emotionally we tend to make choices that benefit one or another, and it takes a lot for one to step up and speak their ideas for equality for everyone, but they are shamed by the vuctims or those who side mindlessly for the mere thought of something was not just. Though something might be unjust, one must sstep up and figure out what a good equalubrium is, not just for one specufic party. When all humans were young, we didn't have this emotional wieght, we would go out and play ball or play dolls, not duddenly be forced into racial disputes or fights about gay marrage or interpritations of the Bill Of Rights. As kids, it was easy. Adulthood should be too. 
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  • lexikay

    The impact this has on me will never leave. Great work.

    over 3 years ago