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The Chaos of the Bus

October 12, 2017


    Whir. Click. Thump. Beep. Shake. Rattle. Chatter. Bump. Chatter. Click. Chatter. Whir.
    There's no such thing as peace on a school bus. The outbursts of laughter pierce your ears, even through headphones at top volume. The bumps that shake your vision and blur all the lines, giving a headache to anyone who rides. The seats stand so rigid, it's a surprise to find out they're made to cushion you, not destroy the backs of anyone who sits down.
    The people that tap tap tap on your shoulder though, they're the worst. With painted grins of ignorance and conversations with little meaning to talk about the weather, or what did you get for number three or did you see what that girl was wearing she's such a slut or about a hobby that only they seem to care about, but everyone must know all about it.
    And the language they use is just. It's just. It's just there. It's the simple words with no elegance. The profanity full of filth that feels like a grain of sand caught in a clam. But it doesn't become something glamorous. It's not a pearl in disguise. It's foul and annoying and overused to the point that when you actually mean the word that way, it sounds wrong.
    One annoying voice seems to ring out above this "background" noise. It's always the ninth grader in the back who thinks they're all that, volume never turned down and laugh an obnoxious snort. The one who argues just for the sake of arguing and sneers if anyone tells them they're wrong. The one who talks about politics and abortion without knowing what they're actually talking about. The voice annoying you right now.
    Why does the world look so soft and peaceful from the bus windows, yet neither of those are present inside? It's just giggles and thumps and a never ending chatter of voices. It's just gossip that's wrong and the tilting that almost knocks you out of your seat and the world peering in, unaffected by the chaos happening around you. It's just you. With a computer and some headphones, music blaring in your ears, but nothing is blocked. It's the chaos of the bus.


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