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Like I'm Special to You

October 12, 2017


    Why were you looking at me? With your caramel eyes and pouting lips. Your crinkling nose and piercing gaze. Did I have something in my teeth? Was there something wrong with my hair?
    You always look at me in the mornings, your black hair curled distractedly around your ears. Glasses straightened perfectly and a soft smile lighting up everywhere around me. It's like we're in our own little world and I'm the star attraction for you. And you for me.
    The world feels tinted in swirls of colors that delight and amuse the eye. A fluttering feeling of butterflies tickles my stomach. Is this what love feels like? All mushy and twirling and oh gosh am I ready for something like this? Do you really like me back? I'm not sure...
    You probably don't see me that way, and it's fine. Truly. But the way you look at me. Talk to me. Smile at me. It's makes me feel special. Like I'm special to you.


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