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Clarisse's Dream: Clarisse's Story, S2

October 16, 2017


   Clarisse groaned as he hit the snooze button on her alarm clock for the fifth time that morning. She slowly opened her eyes, hating only one fact at that moment.
​It was Monday.
​   She rolled out of bed, and decided to start her day. She shivered as her feet hit the cold floor instead of her goal, the slippers.
​"Dumb gravity.." she muttered under her breath.
​Instead of having to squeeze past her annoying siblings in an Ares cabin in Camp Half Blood, Clarisse had finally graduated college last semester. Meaning she had gotten a job, got money, and her and Ryker bought themselves a house. And yes, now finally married. But a few years ago, Clarisse's best friend Jake had passed away, leaving Clarisse with a hole in her heart. Something that even Ryker couldn't fill. Don't get me wrong, she loved Ryker very much, ever since the begging. But having the one person leave her that is the main reason she wasn't dead by now, was truly a heart crushing incident. Luckily, she found a job in Manhattan to get her mind drifted apart from the fact that without Ryker, she was completely alone. But Believe it or not, Clarisse didn't go into work that day. No. Because something far more amazing had happened that night when she closed her eyes. She didn't cry of fear, she wasn't running away. Clarisse, was dreaming.
​Clarisse's Dream, Chapter One, Season Two

​   Clarisse smiled as her 12 year old legs carried her across the green fields of Camp Half Blood, as her friend Jake tagged along behind her. Though Clarisse had had this dream many times, she felt as if somehow this one were real. Finally, it was real.
​"Jake, hurry you slowpoke!", she yelled laughing.
​Jake rolled his eyes, adjusting his glasses back into place, breathing heavily as they finally stopped.
​"Jeez, you know, some of us aren't built like machines!!"
​She chuckled to herself as she stopped running, now lost in the middle of the field. Behind her, Jake groaned.
​"This is what you broke me out of math class for?" he grumbled, "To get lost? Wow. Some hero."
​She turned around, showing her brave face. Mother would be proud.
​"You really should thank me, you turd. Besides, what's that thing the Iris cabin always says in their dumb speeches? We're in this thing together? Whatever it is, we are. We will find our way back to camp. Together."
​Jake's look disappeared from his face, as that dorky grin spread across his face. "I'm in."
​  For the rest of the afternoon, Clarisse and Jake scanned the hilltops to get a glimpse of camp, which soon turned out to be.
​"Hey! Clarisse! I see camp!"
Clarisse turned her head, her brown hair sliding off her shoulder and onto her back, her braids falling apart from all the running.
​"Good work, partner."
​Jake laughed, grabbing her hand. Together, they took off to camp before dark. When the sun had set, they sat on the docks by the lake to see some stars, Jake's favorite night activity.
​"I wouldn't say I'd wanna be an astronaut," he said staring up at the night sky, "But I really want to see the stars one day, don't you?"
​Clarisse, not hearing him, still smiled up at the stars.
​Jake rose up, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Hey."
​She looked over at him, her smile faded. "Yes?"
​His puzzle look worried her. "What's wrong? You look sad."
​Clarisse shook her head.
​"Not sad. Just...lost in thought. I was...remembering something that my mom had told me when I was little. She used to say that the stars were our ancestors watching over us, making sure that we completed their legacy. She told me never to worry, though, because if I stayed strong...I would always fulfil my path. And create my own​, legacy and make everyone proud."
Jake smiled.
​"Your mother sounds like a very amazing person. I wish I could've met her."
​Clarisse nodded, her smile returning.
​"She would've liked you."
​Jake stood, helping her up, before giving her a quick hug from the side.
​"Goodnight Clarisse."
​She smiled as he walked up the hills, and disappeared into his cabin.

​Before she knew it, Clarisse's dream changed again, only this time, she was older. In fact, this was the day that Jake had died.

​Clarisse sat under her and Jakes tree, which when they were little, had named Old Maple. She sighed as another leaf flew down from the tree, and hit Jakes grave. Looking into the distance, she noticed that all of the other trees had no leafs left on their branches. But her tree...had only three leafs left. Interesting to her, a coincidence to the other campers, and just so many theory's for the Demeter cabin, as well as for the Pan cabin. But for Clarisse? This was nothing of that. This was hope.
"Hey," spoke a voice from behind her.
​Clarisse would normally stay quiet. Would usually turn a little to see if it was Ryker. But this time, that voice was different, but so familiar. She recondized it right away. She stood, spun around, and smiled widely as her best friend Jake stood there with that same, annoying grin on his face. What a dork.
​"JAKE!" she yelped, jumping over to him.
​The moment they hugged, it was as if the entire universe had stopped spinning just to smile onto the both of them. Clarisse remembered the burnt smell of his blue jacket they he had worn everyday in training, and the smell still lasted. Though this time, she loved it. His hair was still so smooth, and soft. And his eyes...still found her. Clarisse was used to hugging Jake, and his grave. But this time? He had hugged her back.
​"Oh Clarisse...I am so, so, so, so sorry..." he said into her jacket.
​She couldn't help but to release a faint cry.
​When they pulled away, Jakes smile slowly faded away.
​"I'm sorry that only in your dreams I can find a way to visit. But...maybe it doesn't have to stay that way forever."
​Clarisse sniffed, raising an eyebrow.
​"What are you talking about? Your....dead."
​Jake smiled warmly, filling Clarisse instantly with hope.
​"But maybe it doesn't have to be this way. In one month, a son of Hades will enter the camp. The two of you must go on a quest, visit the oracle, and travel into the depths of the underworld, to meet his father, Hades. There, you will depend on your new travel buddy to bring me back. I know this seems like a lot...but I believe in you Clarisse."
​Clarisse's mind was swimming with questions and confusion, but her soul swam with hope and belief. And as her mother once said, that was all that mattered.
"What is his name?" she asked.
​He walked up to her, placing a hand on her shoulder with a kind smile.
​"His name, is Zander. You'll know him when you see him."
​Clarisse nodded, as the dream slowly faded away.

​Back in real life...

​    Clarisse jolted up, her entire back drenched in sweat. Her eyes were buzzing with excitement as she got ready for the day. With only one word in her mind, she decided to pay a little visit to Camp. One month was coming, and when it arrived, she needed to be ready. They ​all ​needed to be ready.
​  Once she reached camp, she faced all of her Ares siblings, and the rest of the campers, praetors and all.
​"Guys, listen up!" she called over the fields, "I know I have been away for a while, and for this, I apologize. But listen to me, and grieve no more! I have a plan to get back what I lost...what we all lost. Who ​we all lost. Jake! I know it seems impossible, and only a god can grant us this power. Though they cant, believe me, they want him back as much as I do. But today, we will finally sleep. Sleep, knowing that soon, we are going to be happy and laughing again, for someone has spread that same kind of hope and joy around us, freeing us all from this eternal sadness. So please, join me, in a shout. A shout, that goes to all of you. A shout, that goes to the gods. A shout, that goes to my husband. And a shout, that goes to the hero, who had and has risked their life for this camp. For love. For joy. For bravery. For Jake!"
​Everyone lifted their spears in the air, shouting out over and over 'Jake! Jake! Jake!'
​Clarisse nodded along, shouting. Now, with a new thing in mind. She smiled, thinking it.

I'll see you soon, dork.


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