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Do tell, what impression do you get of these characters? Please, enjoy!

Five Natives of the Other Realm

September 18, 2015

1. Nheel has got a voice that most call a violin.
2. He's the lad who coated the town in 'Lost' posters for a butterfly.
3. She's the sort who writes "the kids" on her packing checklist.
4. She seeks company in her shadow, and counsel in herself.
5. Neither fire nor foe, neither dungeon nor despair, neither lesion nor lameness can claim or quell his soul--so fierce is his faith in the justice of fate.


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  • Writing4Life


    8 months ago
  • Hanan Adi

    Hallo, Ash! It seems I am unable to reply or comment on reviews, so I hope you check back to see this. Thank you for reviewing my work! I am glad you liked my butterfly lad--I was actually afraid that some people might think he's sort of crazy or immature. You are right, though: he's just a sort of sensitive, quiet boy, who finds beauty in simple things. (Actually, Nheel from the first sentence is also sensitive and quiet, but in a slightly different way. He's more sensitive to music than to the natural world.) As for the last sentence, that chap was not actually a boy--more like a seasoned warrior. If you are wondering, he is somewhat stoic and insensitive, and has a Temper, but is generally in a good mood. See, I always find it interesting, how differently different people interpret a sentence! Thanks for offering your thoughts; they really add to a writing experience. On a personal note, my favourite of all these characters is Nheel. Not only for his music: there's more about him that (to me) is endearing, but it wouldn't do to try to cram it all into one sentence. I guess your favourite is the butterfly boy. Thanks again for reviewing; I am really grateful, and you are more than welcome to view my other published pieces. Have a splendiferous day!

    over 5 years ago