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safe part 5: monotony

October 11, 2017


amber arrives only minutes after i've settled in. i can hear the creak of the door and her soft footsteps. the quiet is punctuated by her voice, calling a hello to the kittens, a voice i can hear a smile in. she steps into the doorway of our room, setting the bags down for a moment to kiss me hello.

"so, thumbelina. any atomic wars begun while i was gone? alien kidnappings?"

i check my watch. "you've been gone literally half an hour, sentient tree."

she yawns. "ugh. boring," amber flops onto the bed. "like everything is now."

i flop down next to her. "no. what do you mean?

"i feel like everything's the same now. like we're not doing anything with our lives." i open my mouth to protest but she keeps talking. "we just work, go to school, watch movies on the weekend, eat pizza ... it feels like we're stuck in this boring routine. i want to do something, you know?"

and i do. "maybe we could take a bike ride to kasteel de haar?"

"we've been twice this year."

"what do you suggest?"

she smiles. "the beach. it's perfect. we have monday off, so we could stay two nights if we leave soon."

"the beach where?"

"le havre."

"dude, not only is that six hours away, but it's in france!"

she lifts me up and kisses me. "i know! that's why it's so different and fun. we can drive and then get a room at a hotel, get under the covers-"

"i'm in."

she beams. "yes! okay, let's go pack."

"um, no. this early? i was getting work done!" i gesture to my computer, open to sims 4. she rolls her eyes. 

"oh, yes. how can i forget the numerous conversations we've had about your career in sims house designing?"

i push her gently. "fine. i'll get my shit together. you gotta feed coffee though."


she begins to walk away but my voice calls her back. "wait. are you sure about this? this is so fuckin - you know - sudden. are you sure we shouldn't plan this more?"

her reply solidifies my rebellious voice inside. "what fun is that?"


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