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I love to read and write. Mostly poetry. I am working on a book right now. I usually would write about my life story, I hope you like what I have posted!
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Shooting Star

October 12, 2017


The shooting star is where her wish lies. Ana Lucia wished upon a star. It glistened in the moonlight. she slowly looked up at the shooting star and said her wish, "I wish....for..." she stopped. What do I wish for? Can I wish for more than one thing? What do I want most? Her eyes flutter shut so she wouldn't have to look at the polluted water, brown grass, and old tree that looked  as if it was gonna crash down soon. She always visited the lake with her parents until they died from the war. She thinks "I wish for peace and my parents to come back." she knew she would never get the wish, but it wouldn't have hurt to try. Ana Lucia's eyes slowly opened and she noticed, Fire flies flooding the area, The beautiful clear water sparkled as the moonlight hit it. She sat there in the grass under a beautiful blossom tree. The sounds of war died out in her head and she noticed her parents right in front of her, smiling down at her. Tears stream down her eyes, "mommy? daddy?" she asks slowly as around the edges of them glowed a bit. Their hands slowly reach down to touch her. At the blink of an eye, they were gone. The beautiful lake gone. The sound of war coming back. That is then she realized her wish have came true. She had seen her parents one last time. Ana Lucia Will treasure the memory. Wishing the shooting star would come back.

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