Peer Review by Aaliyah (United States)

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By: Valleman


A sun washed over the mountains
Bathing the sky in orange.
The clouds turned into glaciers
In the hollowing light of the sun.

Peer Review

"The clouds turned into glaciers " This line has so much meaning, and it fits a huge amount of imagery into five simple words. This at of being concise is practised beautifully in the poem.

I feel as if the vivid picture of the sunrise provided in the piece is so imaginative and so expressive, and yet so realistic, that it left an impression in my kind, of the beauty of the sunrise sky.

Did seeing the sunset inspire you?

Reviewer Comments

I can't believe that this is only a four-line poem. Such emotion and expression is radiated through the lines, that it feels like a long, long poem. The language is absolutely wonderful. Excellent job!