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Hey guys! This is going to be part of an ongoing series (chapter length will vary), so enjoy!

Escapee: Chapter One

October 12, 2017


It started out just like any other day.
That morning, I woke up at 5:00 am. I took a shower, put on my normal attire of jeans and a sweatshirt. I brushed my hair and teeth and caught the bus. I sat on the fourth row with my friend Jillian. She, as normal, was chatting so fast I didn't even have to think about what she was saying. It was only when she mentioned Ruth Prince that I gave pause and tuned in.
"Did you hear about what happened to Ruth?" she asked.
"Ruth Prince?" I said. "No, I haven't."
Now, if you didn't know who Ruth Prince was, you had to be both blind and deaf in my grade. A couple years ago, she had actually been a great person to hang around. She had it all: looks, popularity, talent at everything she tried. We had actually been good friends back then.
Then, one day, out of the blue, she went psycho. That day, she'd reached school with me and Jillian (we lived close enough to walk back then) and she seemed fine. But when we reached the cafeteria, she'd decided it would be a nice day to commit a crime.
To kill.
Apparently, she'd brought a knife in her bag and decided to test it out on the new student, Preston Franks. She zipped open her bag as we were about to walk by, and stabbed him. She hadn't even known him.
And then? She continued walking, like everything was fine. Of course, I stopped walking with her and, in shock, tried to get someone to help. Adults flocked the area, and, since I was a key witness, I got to testify against my friend later in court.
She got a sentence of imprisonment. 
For life.
So to hear her name again this morning was definitely a wake-up call from my thoughts. 
"She escaped from prison," Jillian said. "They still haven't found her."
Chills ran down my spine. I suddenly wished I hadn't eaten breakfast. What could she do, now that she was on the loose?
I'd soon find out.


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