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Lee Fudge's Guide to Being a Technical Adult: How to Identify Other Adults

October 11, 2017


You may be wondering how to tell if someone is an adult. What about shorter adults? Or this weird adult that weird children's clothes (Consult the Law of Indecent Clothing, better known as The Fifteen Sizes to Small Law). There are many way to tell. 

If you are more the six meters away, then you can simply ask them, then be judged for asking a question so far away. However, there are other ways of identification.

Ask Them When You Are Closer

One meter is the maximum. You won't be judged this way.

Quote A Movie

For this to work efficiently, you have to start the quote, and then let them finish it. Children have been found out to watch movies for older people, so other methods are nessacary.

Do A Dance Move From Your Generation

For this to work, you need to know what a generation is. A generation is equivalent to a decade, i.e, the nineties. You must do the danc e move perfectly, as adults must regonizenr said dance. You will know if they are an adult if they cringe the entire dance period.

Enthusiasticaly Talk About a TV Show From Your Generation 

Talking about a TV show from your generation is the best way to identify and connect with adults, If they are a child, you can tell them what they messed out on.

And those are the ways to identify adults. Be wary of children, who knows what they might do after that incident.....

It's Dark In Here,

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