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I am an aspiring writer who happens to live on a farm and love cats! So as it is said on my blog, I'm an author, farmer, and daughter of the King of Kings. I hope my writing leaves you with some kind of blessing today, big or little.

God bless!

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This is the Miracle

October 12, 2017

I hold my breath, my heart rate quickening in anticipation. This is it.

The goat lying on the hay is wide-eyed, is breathing rapidly, and is only moments away from a new life entering the world on our farm. I silently urge her on as I pray for her and the baby, of whom I can see only the nose and two tiny hooves. The little one is in the right position. We have only to wait.

The goat gives it all she has once more and her infant is free. I stoop down beside them, hastily rubbing down the new kid with a towel. It's crucial to do this as quickly as possible, but so many goat kids have been born on our farm, it's second nature. This one is a little doeling, and she is beautiful. Magically colored, she sports strawberry roan, creamy white, and speckles of gray. I back away as her mother pushes in to lick clean the baby.

It has been a long wait today, but that pales in comparison to the joy felt when the kids are born, are strong, are healthy. It's a sensation that can't be truly described. There's a victory won.

I watch the doe clean the kid, I wonder if they will be a twin, and my heart rejoices. This is the miracle.
This story is the true retelling of the birth of one of the goat kids on our farm. Cricket, the kid described here, was born to Spice in early May. Cricket was followed moments later by her twin sister Beetle. It was a wonderful day!



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  • AbigailSauble

    Aw! I love your descriptions. :) We used to have cows, and it was always so fun to have a calf around the place. :)

    about 2 years ago