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Lee Fudge's Guide to Being a Technical Adult: The Ranking System

By: Lee Fudge


(Disclaimer: The advice or information in this series is not to be taken seriously.)

Like the U.S Education System, being an adult is all about ranking. What determines this rank? You. Your probably adorable face people want to squeeze, but you say no because that's weird. Also your job. I guess jobs are important as well. Unlike the U.S Education System, no rank is higher tan the other, except on exception. The ranks, in starting with that one are.

Assuming God is an adult, he is the highest ranking adult. You can not be mad at him, you can not be here without him. Love him and he will love you. (Fudge's Note: This is the only piece of info to be taken seriously here.)

Includes Bakers, Writers, Artists, and the creative sorts. They are usually okay people, except Lee Fudge. Do not take him seriously, he thinks people actually think he's funny(Why Lee Fudge is referring to himself in third person is unknown).

Includes office workers, lawyers, and other bloodsuckers. They are subject to many jokes.

The PseudoAdults
Includes tweenagers and teenagers. They think they know it all, and maybe they're correct.

Okay I lied, the last one is the lowest rank.

People Involved in Politics.
You may be confused. I don't think they people are bad, I think the agrurment story cause are bad. 

Where do you fall in this ranking system? Well, what's your job? If your unemployed, you belong to the last one.

Who cares about,
Charles S. Fudge.

Message to Readers

Any feedback is great!

Peer Review

"Why lee fudge is referring to himself in 3rd person is unknown" (and the line that comes before that ) so funny :)

Funnyness (does that count as a feeling?)

Why is your wtw name Lee fudge instead of charles fudge?

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