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Lee Fudge's Guide to Being a Technical Adult

October 8, 2017


(Disclaimer: The advice or information in this series is not to be taken seriously. The series is a source for Lee to say weird things, in hopes people will laugh)

So, you may be an incredibly small child, thinking they can, indeed, make their own decisions. Well, you kinda can. I mean, you can chose your favorite candy...so theirs that. But what is a small child? According to Arthur's Law (Also known as the Las of Not Getting Arrested for Young Children Things) a small child is on fifteen years old or younger. But what if your older than that? Then you will have to learn to be an adult! I'm this series I, Charles S. Fudge, will teach you how to be an adult(Technically)! So what's the first step in being an adult? That's precisely the first step f being an adult, not knowing things. You will not know many things the majority of your life, and it consume your soul. You not know questions like "How can you spend your whole life with someone?", "Where is my cat?" and,"Why are children so mean?" 

Of of course you will want to try to figure out some things, but DON'T. You cannot know everything, like how was Sean Spicer is the White House Press Secretary? If you do really want to know something however, like why no one likes you, do it slowly. If learn things to fast, your brain can and will use its legal right to explode. It will come out of your ears, it's a real pain to clean up.

"But how can I live without knowing many things?" You're probably not asking. But I'll awnser anyway, you just forgot them. You want to know why that girl doesn't like you? Forget it. And by forget, I mean erase the memory of the thing you want to know. 

It takes practice.

With Discriminatory Judgement,

Charles S. Fudge.
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  • Ghost Writer

    Heh heh. Dude you are so funny ;)

    over 2 years ago