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Caged Bird, Caged Heart

By: † Skyward Bound †


You cage your heart,
Trap it behind iron bars of defense.
You cage your heart,
Because it was a fragile, fluttering thing
It leapt at all those who took an interest
Even the cat, who waited to strike
The cat who toyed with your heart,
Bashed it, bruised it,
Shattered it, then left.
You cage your heart,
To protect the broken bird,
From being torn apart again.
The cat made you believe
That love was a dangerous and painful game
So you cage your heart,
When it yearns for the cloudless skies,
To come.
But then, He comes.
Your heart stirs, the bird sings.
The prison is slowly melted,
By words of love and encouragement.
Your hand is reluctant,
Your head screams logic,
But your heart battles for control.
It didn’t learn from the cat’s claws.
It didn’t learn from its thin white scars.
Its been caged too long,
Its wings restless.
So with a shaky hand, you unlock the cage.
The bird looks at Him,
Unsure, but hopeful
It stretches its broken wings,
Daring to fly,
When it should have learned
That birds with broken wings,
Only fall.
But then your broken heart.
Learns that this kind of love,
The forever kind of love,
Heals broken birds,
This kind of love,
Helps broken wings mend
And broken birds soar.

What do you think?

Message to Readers

This is one of my first poems. Hope you guys like it!

Peer Review

When it should have learned That birds with broken wings, Only fall.' - This is great because we all feel like this one time or another, but with God all things are possible. Even for those of us who feel like we can't get back up again without hurting ourselves.

Hopeful, peaceful, exhilarated! You did a magnificent job on this your first poem! It's awesome when I find Christians on this sight, and can read their compositions. :) You did a great job showing us the hope of Christ, and I loved your analogies.

How close is this to your own conversion experience? If I had come to know Christ in my teen years, then this would probably have been close to what I was like, but God knew what was best. :) Continue in the grace of the LORD!

Reviewer Comments

Wow! Superb! Described the feeling of before and after a conversion experience really well!
This is probably one of my favorite poems. Really well done!
Keep writing!

God bless!