tristen kay

United States

Bad Robots

October 6, 2017

PROMPT: Open Prompt

We choose to ignore the robotics of society

Society requires everyone to have a voice.
“Speak up!!”
But when you open your mouth to speak
“Don’t Speak!!!”
You are silenced.
Your knees being stood on while they demand,
“Stand Up!!”
The way we live, we are robots.
Meaning; No thoughts, no feelings.
“Wake up, go to school, maybe sports, work, homework, eat, shower, sleep and repeat.
But if you have breakdown or show emotion;
“Oh sweetheart you’re having a system malfunction.”
And the only manufacturer they give to repair you is nothing but a pill
“This will make you feel better.”
Grab a glass of water and down it. You don’t have the time for emotions.
Be happy, successful
“Make more money!!!”
But I thought you can’t buy happiness?
“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can make you successful”
We choose to ignore the robotics of society.
“Be original”
As society throws the latest trends at you.
Express yourself but
“Don’t be disruptive.”
Confidence is key.
“You’re too selfish, don’t you think of anyone but yourself?”
There is to be no pain.
No regret.
No fear.
No emotions.
We allow ourselves to conform to the robotics in society.


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