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Quantum Gunman: Chapter Thirteen

October 5, 2017


At the World Police Force headquarters.

"Did you kill him?" Head Honcho asked.

"No, sir, but I have news!" Axotol said.

"...It better be good," Head Honch said, being as scary as possible.

"He has the Type 93," Axotol said.

"That gun?!" Head Honcho yelled, showing his face for a millisecond, not long enough to get a good look. 

"Yes...that gun, he bought at a flea market, apparently," Axotol explained.

"We should of checked those..." Head Hocho said.

Axotol was silent, until he noticed a man wearing body armor and suit standing near ahead Honcho, standing in the shadows.

"Absorber? What are you-" 

"I came here," Absorber walking out of the shaodows, revealing a thin face," To kill Quantum Thompson," 

"Are you sure you can do that?" Head Honch said,"You let Reed get away."

"I am more than sure I can do this," Absorber said about to leave.

"Do not disappoint me," He said simply.

And the first failure of the World Police Force begun.



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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    Absorber? What, does he absorb people?

    (Great work, as usual.)

    almost 3 years ago