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Camp Yougonnadie

October 5, 2017


The campers had gathered in the main area. If was then two counselors came up to,the stage.

"Good morning," One of the said in a thick southern accent," I'm Counselor Dan, and this is Counselor Stan," 

"Whatever, fatty!" A camper said, all the other kids laughing.

"Glad you said that," Stan said, in an equally southern accent,"Cause we are goin' over rules," 

The campers groaned at this, but were shocked at what Dan said.

"If you hit someone, we will end you," He said.

"What does end mean?" A camper asked.

"If you tease someone, we will end you," Stan said ignoring the camper.

"Seri-" A camper began

"If you interrupt someone, we will end you," Dan said.

"And finally, if you doing anything romantical with any campers, we will end you," Stam said,"Amy questions?"

"Uh, yeah, what do you mean by "end"?" A camper asked.

"Oh, we mean kill," Dan said.

"Haha real funny!" The camper said.

"Uh, no, actually," Stan said,"This is a Death Camp for misbehavin' children, as in we kill them," 

The campers murmured.

"But our parents sent us here! They wouldn't sent us here!" A camper said.

"Of course they sent you here. They want you to behave," Dan said.

"Now, the other counselors will take you to your cabins. On behalf of Dr. Julius Helvetica, we welcome you," They both said at the same time.
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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    OH. MY. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!! Helvetica, did you REALLY fund a Death Camp?!
    ...Wait a minute. Yougonnadie. YouGonnaDie! OOOOH, clever. Veeeery clever.
    (Are the counselors Helvetica robots?)

    Oh, also, great work, as usual.

    almost 2 years ago