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"If you think you've blown God's plan for your life, rest in this. You, my beautiful friend, are not that powerful."
~Lisa Bevere
'Yea,' quoth he, 'dost thou fall upon thy face?'
~Shakespear // Romeo & Juliet
( Also said as: )
“Well, what you fell over for?”
~Stan Shunpike // Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I just gotta say: Remember that words (both audible and not) have more power than we realize. They can be used to make someone's day, or break it. Be careful with this tool handed to you by God, and go out and live your lives my internally and externally beautiful human beans!

I Remembered. (Chap. 1)

October 18, 2017


Cold. Dark. Silent.
Winter? Night? Loneliness?
Snow. Stars. Heartache.
What were these blank blips of thought floating groggily inside my... my what? Inside me? Yes, inside me.
They were like unattached particles that simply existed with a puzzling presence within me. I couldn't place them, it was disturbing.
But still, they sprouted in the blank numbness of within, not having any purpose rather than to cause a disturbance.

All I knew was that it was Cold. And it was Dark. And it was Silent. All of which could only be known by the absence of something, right? But then how did these... words... come to me, if they were all I had ever known? Ah, well, they have already faded to nothingness.
That is, until I noticed something foreign, something that I couldn't name. It was faint, flickering, fleeting, yet persistent. It was slightly aggravating and made my... eyes, was it? Yes, it made my eyes prickle and itch.
That itching was irritating, and there must have been some way to relieve it. Instinctively, a part of me that isn't within quivered. A sharp intake of breath expressed my surprise as I proved I could relieve the itching, with a part of me that I hadn't previously known existed.

Perplexed, I moved the outside part of me and brushed it against my face, remembering my features. Eyes... Ears... Nose... Lips... yes, they were all there. And they weren't within, they were outside. Soft and malleable, and cold. But not as Cold as Silence and Darkness. But then the flashing foreign thing that irritated my eyes stubbornly became brighter, and seemed to chase the darkness away, albeit for a moment. And then it stopped. As suddenly as it had appeared, the light disappeared, and I was in the Dark again. Fear, an instinctual and wild feeling, gripped my heart and I realized I didn't want to be in the Dark and Cold and Loneliness again.

​But the Darkness was accompanied by something new, something that I couldn't quite comprehend. It was just as persistent and disturbing as the flash, but more so.

The foreign presence flashed in a way that couldn't be detected by eyes, though mine seemed glued shut, but by the ears. Yes... It was sound! I could hear—AHCK! An explosion of noise and sound pounded through my ears, and reverberated through my within. It quickened my breath and overloaded my newly-acquainted senses.
The noise was too much, like my inside thoughts had been amplified by a hundred speakers, all set on high volume and screeching in my eardrums.

After a moment, the sounds became slightly more clear, less slurred, and more bearable. My within struggled to translate them into words, most of which I couldn't connect a meaning to, but I knew one thing for certain: the sounds were voices.

​It came to me in a rush. Voices I knew without explanation came from lips, like my own, and lips had to be attached to other beings such as my self. So that must mean that there were other beings around my outside, also existing in this confusing manner. And if there were Others, than... didn't that mean there wasn't Loneliness anymore? Could they put an end to my disturbed within?

​My within reasoned that if they could make noises with their lips, than so should I. And they seemed to communicate their inward thoughts through these voiced words, so if I wanted something, I probably had to do the same. My sluggish within slowly was able to find how to work my Outside, and my... tongue...? Yes, my swollen tongue (which seemed to be filled with a heaviness that didn't belong), was able to push between and wet my dry and cracked lips. It took me a moment to work out how to make noise, but after a while I took a deep inward breath and made a gargled sort of groan.

​It seemed slightly pitiful, but it definitely caught the Others' attention. The voices grew louder, closer, and quickened. They were softened and gentle, seemed to be directed at me, and-- with great difficulty-- I was able to crack open my eyes a teensy amount. Another sharp intake of breath, and the fresh information that rushed into my within awoke my mind and chased away a bit of the grogginess.

​The first thing I noticed was the colors. Everywhere I looked, a wave of colors, intensified from normally cool grays, whites, and blues to bright shouts of color that hurt to look at. Once their foreignness grew slightly more familiar, I noticed the Others.

There were two, both of which looking extremely different. While one was taller and thicker and radiated an uncharacteristic tenderness, (I had identified it as male, though the term still seemed a bit unnatural), the other was quite the opposite. The being was shorter, thinner, and all of its mannerisms were sharp and meaningful, like-- like she...? Yes it was a she, whatever that meant. She had a wary gentleness and brisk dominance. I immediately knew it was this Other who was in charge. They were standing behind a clear wall of sorts that made it hard to understand their speech. My ears, now attuned to their voices, struggled to connect meanings to the words uttered, but most remained unknown.

​"Well," said the male. "She is finally responsive, more than we could have hoped for. The twenty-seventh subject since the last Washing."
​"Yes..." said the female absently. Her fingers, which were holding a white stick (a pen), moved agilely across a... clipboard. She glanced up at me after a moment, eyes narrowed scrutinizingly. "Perhaps Subject 421 will prove successful."

​The male pursed his lips, which I took to be a sign of slight discomfort, and then he straightened. "I still feel like this is wrong... they're still people."

​I started at this word: people... It brought back a ghost of a memory, one that I couldn't quite catch. People... person... Other... being... me... I was a person. A slight sense of self-assurance slipped within myself, and I felt a bit of relief.
​The female person then said something that caught me off guard and disturbed me in a way similar to the first flashing light.
"Wiggins, you know why we're here. Did it matter that they were people when we started? Did it matter when they donated themselves​ in the first place? No, it didn't. All we can do is continue the tests. Besides," her eyes grew dark. "ISUSA is counting on us."
​I blinked, heart quickening, a bit of fear creeping into my within from memories that wouldn't resurface, and I shakily clenched my palms as Wiggins nodded stoically, and pulled out a silver card that he slid into a slit on the clear wall. When a piece of the wall swung inward, and the pair entered, I began to panic, wondering if my thundering heart would explode.
Well, this was sparked by a writing prompt completely unrelated to this (lol), and I felt like doing a prologue of sorts. Then, it turned into a chapter, which might turn into another, and another, and so on, until I have a book! That is, if anyone likes it/thinks its a might make a good book. But what might this mysterious ISUSA be? What are the tests? And why doesn't the main character (aka Subject 421) remember anything? Find out in Chapter 2... that is,if you guys think I should continue it. Tell me what you think!


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  • Quilling Leaves

    I want to know more, you've caught my attention and its torcher, having to wait for the next chapter, like an owner offering a dog a piece of meat but not giving it to their pleading pet.

    over 2 years ago
  • rainandsonder

    Yes, please do continue it! This first chapter was really good, and I'm very curious to see what's going on. Great work!

    over 2 years ago