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I'm your stock wannabe hipster teen; a little awkward (but working on it), outlandish, cynical. Big fan of irony, dark (maybe offensive) humour, and electronic music. I like being the class clown, but ill attention makes me want to hide in my locker.

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Small Whispers Change Worlds

October 7, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

A whisper disrupts nature's quiet song. It is small, but strong. Rustle and wobble, rustle and wobble, it continues. An eternity passes, it seems, until the very first fracture. This infinitesimal sound signals a new beginning for one, but around it, the planet continues spinning and activities resume undisturbed; this incomprehensible event goes completely unnoticed. The tiny whisper grows, raging against its confinement, our confinement, all confinement. A while passes before stress points become fractures, fractures become breaks, and breaks rupture. What's broken can never go back.
    But arising from the mass of debris, the broken comfort-zone, the discarded normality is the owner of that tiny whisper. It is the kind of whisper that explodes confinement, rages on against everything that goes against it. The kind that is small, but still strong.
    Cheep-cheep, it tweets weakly, its shell cracking underfoot.
    Weak it might be, but one day, it will change worlds.


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