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Ryan Anderson: Spirit Hunter - Part One

October 3, 2017


"The spirit is around here somewhere..." A voice near Rayn said.

"Mustard, you've been saying that for the last ten minutes," Ryan said.

Mustard, who was a Spirit-At-Peace (A spirit who acknowledges they're life is over, and they can't change that.), had his human form returned to him. He was Chinese, with a weird jacket dress combo he couldn't remember what was called. He had a large ponytail and a small moustache. 

"Well it keeps moving!" Mustard said.

"I know that...I can sense spirits too, you know!" Ryan said.

Mustard was going to say something, but the spirit came out suddenly. It looked like a person from the seventies.

"Man, you guys are boring!" The Spirit said.

"It's rude to assume!" Mustard said.

"Whatever," The Spirit said, spinning around," I'm Necrodancer! If you want-" 

Ryan pulled out his sword, and sliced the spirit in half.

"...You didn't let him finish" Mustard said.

"What?" Ryan asked.

"He was saying something, it's rude to interrupt," 

"....Whatever Mustard,"

And the two went home.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    "Don't these gents know that it is incredibly rude to interrupt a Necrodancer in the middle of a sentence? That is ghost etiquette 101!"

    Linden, go back to your own story!
    ...Excuse me one moment.
    (Linden, you aren't supposed to be here. You haven't had your dramatic reveal yet!)
    ("Well, can't I read the ghost stories, too?")
    (No! Go back to the right story!)
    ("Alright, alright. Goodness, I can't even get some peace and quiet when I'm d-")

    ...Sorry about that. Anyway, great job, as usual!

    over 3 years ago