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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

Message to Readers

The before-promised sequel! Just to help us get in the Halloween spirit. I hope you enjoy it! (Keep in mind that I also wrote this a year or two ago.)

The Mirror of Majora II: The Shroud's Revenge

October 3, 2017


    Three years passed since Nathan and Jasmine were taken by the Mirror. Nobody knew what became of them, and few even cared. However, a group of friends wanted answers, so they got together in Central Park on Saturday, October 31, at around 11:30am. Within that group was Nathan's little sister, Jordan, Jasmine's little brother, Cameron, their genius friend Derek, their athletic friend Teresa, and Derek's less-intelligent twin brother, Joshua. Together, these five friends tried to solve the mysterious disappearance of Nathan and Jasmine. 
    Being the most logical of the group, Derek, with his red hair combed to the right and his glasses ever-so-slightly crooked over his hazel eyes, started the discussion. "So, Cameron," started Derek, "do you have any idea what happened to your sister, Jasmine?" 
    "Not a clue," replied Cameron, with his blond hair in a messy heap and his green eyes squinting in the sunlight, "but I do know that the last time I saw her, she was going over to her boyfriend's house. Something about 'warning him' or something?" 
    Derek wrote all of this down on his notepad, and continued, "Well, that brings us to you, Jordan. Do you remember anything that might have had something to do with your brother's disappearance?" 
    "Well," Jordan began, her long black hair falling at her shoulders and her dark blue eyes reminiscent of her brother, "I was taking my Princess Leia costume off for the night, when I saw Nate go to his shed late at night. He was holding something shiny. Then, about twenty minutes after that, his girlfriend showed up. Then, after a few minutes, there was a clap of thunder, the ground shook, and then it all went silent. A few seconds passed with no sound, then a bright flash of light came from the shed, and all the lights went out in the house. After that, Nate didn't come out of the shed. Ever." 
    "Hmm," said Derek, jotting the notes down with his custom-made left-handed mechanical pencil with a picture of a lightning bolt on it. "So, do you ever go into the shed?" 
    "No," replied Jordan, "but I know where he keeps his spare keys. But, I don't know his pass code for the digital lock." 
    "Why don't we just smash the door down?" said Joshua, whom you could only tell apart from Derek by the fact that he doesn't have glasses and his hair is combed to the left. 
    "Because the door is made of solid steel mixed with iron alloys," said Teresa, her long, curly brown hair in her face, but not covering her sky blue eyes. "It would take about seven sledge hammers each weighing about 25 pounds to even make a dent within two hours." 
         Derek stared at her, speechless. (Derek has had a crush on Teresa since he was 13.) Joshua whispered to him, "Derek, you're staring again."
          "Oh, um, sorry," said Derek, snapping out of his trance. "Well, I think our best option would be to search his room for clues."
         "There might be a problem with that," said Jordan. "Nathan's room has a lock, and our mom has the only other key." 
           "So? Can't you just ask her for the key?" asked Joshua.
           "No, not really," replied Jordan. "She really doesn't want us getting involved in this stuff." 
           "Yeah, their mom and my mom think that it could be dangerous," added Cameron, "I think they're worried that whatever is in that shed could be what caused Nathan and Jasmine to disappear." 
        "Dangerous or not, we have to get that key," said Derek, trying to get back on task.
        "Is it really worth it?" asked Teresa, "Do we really want to go risk our lives for these guys?"
         "YES!" exclaimed Derek, standing up and slamming his fist on the table, "Will it be risky? Yes! Will it be difficult? Yes! Will it be dangerous? Possibly! But we have to do this! Think about it! Nathan and Jasmine had a huge impact on all of our lives! Josh, Nathan was your Math tutor, right?"
           "Yeah, he was," said Joshua, "We were making great progress, until he..."
          "Exactly," said Derek, "Cameron, Jasmine always looked out for you, right?"
          "Well, yeah," said Cameron, "She always made sure I went to bed in time and got all my homework done. You know, before she..."
          "Precisely," said Derek, "Jordan, Nathan always helped you with your homework, right?"
          "He did," said Jordan, "He would help me whenever I got stuck on a question, and he would help me understand it. That is, until he..."
         "Right," said Derek, "And Teresa, Jasmine was on your basketball team, wasn't she?" 
           "Yeah, she was," said Teresa, "She was one of our best players. She scored more than any of us, and still made sure the rest of us got a chance. Of course, before she..."
          "We all need Nathan and Jasmine in our lives," said Derek, "so we have to take this risk to get them back." 
          "You're right," said Jordan, "but how are we gonna get the key to Nate's room?"
           "I might be able to help," whispered a squeaky, boyish voice. 
           They all looked around, trying to figure out who said that. "Who said that?" asked Joshua. 
           "Up here. In the tree."
          They all looked up, and they saw a boy, who was obviously fourteen years old, awkwardly positioned sitting between some big branches of the oak tree the picnic table was around. He had a deep blue right eye and a neon green left eye (that's called heterochromia iridium, in case you were wondering), messy brown hair lazily combed to the left, scratched-up glasses, a blue-and-white striped long-sleeved collared shirt, a brown vest, baggy jeans, and dark purple tennis shoes with neon green socks, and he looked very thin, but not so thin that it's unhealthy. 
         "Who are you," asked Derek, "and how long have you been there?" 
          "Um, I'm Maximilian, but most people call me Bones," the boy said with a slight stutter, his voice cracking, "and I've been here the whole time." 
          "In a tree?" said Jordan, "Were you spying on us?"
           "Um, well, I wasn't at first," replied Bones, "I was here in the tree before you got here. Then I just, well, stayed and observed. So, yes."
          "Why are you in a tree?" asked Teresa. 
          "I just like climbing," replied Bones.
          Just then, a kickball hit the tree, causing it to shake, which made Bones lose his grip and fall out of the tree, his back hitting the table hard. He then rolled off the table, hit the bench, and landed on the wet grass with a thud and a squish. 
          "Are you okay, dude?" asked Joshua as he helped Bones up. 
          "I'm fine," Bones replied as he stretched his back, making a cracking sound. "It happens all the time." 
         "Wait, do I know you?" asked Cameron, "You look familiar."
          "Um, probably not," said Bones, "but you might have met my dad? His name was Norman Anderson."
           "Was?" questioned Derek, "What happened?"
            "Well, he died three years ago, out of terror and major injuries," replied Bones.
           "Did he work in the accounting office?" asked Cameron.
            "Yeah, um, why?"
          "Oh my gosh! Your dad was linked to this mystery!"
           Derek was quickly writing it all down, with great handwriting despite writing at 46 words per minute. "Fascinating! I, Derek Jackson Williams, may be able to crack this three-year case! I'll be the next Sherlock Holmes!"
          "I thought you wanted to be the next Batman," said Joshua.
          "Well, that obviously won't be happening any time soon, so I'll stick with Holmes."
         "What does that have to do with anything?!" shouted Teresa, clearly annoyed. 
          "Oh, right!" said Derek, getting back on track, "So, Bones, how can you help us with this?"
          "Well," started Bones, "Mr. Sycamore knew my dad well, and I'm pretty sure if I tell Mrs. Sycamore my story, she'll pity me and try to help."
           "That's true," said Jordan, "my mom is very sentimental. But how can we be sure this will work?"
          "W-we can't, but we can have hope. That's what keeps me going."
           "Well, let's go!" said Joshua, "I have a feeling that this will work."
          "I'll drive!" offered Jordan.
           "NO!" they all yelled.
          "Fine. Cameron will drive."
           When they got to the Sycamore house, it was barely 11:50. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and all the houses were decked out for Halloween. That is, all the houses but the Sycamores'. The house wasn't neglected, however; it had been swept quite recently. 
         "M-may I knock on the door?" asked Bones.
         "Uh, sure," replied Jordan, "go ahead."
          Bones knocked on the door...
          ...Nothing happened.
         "Try the doorbell," said Jordan.
          Bones pushed the button, and the doorbell rang. They heard the sound of three locks being unlocked, and the door opened, showing Mrs. Sycamore. She looked sad, but not as devastated as she was when Nathan disappeared. Her black hair was in a bun above her head, and her blue eyes were a little misty. However, her eyes lit up a little bit when she saw Bones. 
         "Why, if it isn't little Max Anderson!" said Mrs. Sycamore, "How are you?"
          "Uh, I'm, um, doing okay, Mrs. Sycamore," replied Bones, "M-may I come in?"
          "Of course."
          They entered the house, which looked like the average suburban house, and sat down in the living room.
          "What brings you here, Max?" said Mrs. Sycamore.
          "W-well," started Bones, "I wanted to ask you if we could have the k-keys to Nathan's room."
          "Jordan, are you all trying to get into the shed again? You know I don't want you poking around with this stuff."
         "But Mom-" started Jordan.
         "No buts!" she interrupted, then calmed down and continued, "Max, I think you should go home."
          "I-I can't do that," said Bones.
          "Well, why not?"
          "I don't have one."
           Everyone was silent, letting that sink in. 
           "What do you mean?" asked Mrs. Sycamore.
           "M-my mom died eight years ago in a car crash, so I was sent to live with my dad. Then, th-three years ago, my dad died out of terror and mysterious injuries, leaving me alone with no parents, no friends, and no home to go to. Since then, I've been living on the streets, fending for myself. The only thing that keeps me going is the possibility of finding answers." 
          Mrs. Sycamore was in tears from the sad story she just heard, as was Bones, his blue and green eyes bloodshot as he took his glasses off to dry them. (That is referring to his eyes.) 
          "Why didn't you tell me this?" asked Mrs. Sycamore. 
          "I prefer n-not to talk about it," replied Bones, "It's th-the only thing that m-makes me cry, and that's c-coming from someone who fell out of a tree earlier and hit a b-bench on the w-way down."
          Mrs. Sycamore stood up, walked over to where Bones was sitting, and handed him a key from her pocket, saying, "Here's the key. Go find the answers you've been looking for." 
           "Th-thank you," said Bones. 
          "Just don't get yourself hurt. Nathan's room is down the hall, to the left, through the door with a blue splash of paint on it." 
           They walked down the hall to Nathan's room, and Bones unlocked the door. What they saw next was a bit underwhelming. The room was pretty clean, with a few posters on the blue walls, a bed with a blue comforter, a 14" by 16" TV with an NES (that's the Nintendo Entertainment System, a really old gaming console) hooked up to it, a few NES games laying around, like Super Mario Bros., Dig Dug, and PAC-Man, and a beige rug in the middle of the wood floor. 
          "His room looks really tidy," said Cameron.
          "He never really spent much time in his room," said Jordan, "so it makes sense that it would be clean." 
          "Remember why we're here," said Derek, "we need to figure out what the password is. Look around. See if you can find any clues." 
          They all started searching the room, but after 30 minutes of searching, they didn't find anything. 
           "We've been searching for half an hour, and we still haven't found anything," said Joshua. 
           "Just keep searching," said Derek, "I'm sure we'll find something." 
           "Is that an NES?" said Bones. 
           Jordan looked, then smiled and said, "Yeah. It was Nathan's. He always loved retro games."
           "I can see that," said Bones, picking up the Super Mario Bros. case, "There are all kinds of classics in here. Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, PAC-Man..."
         He trailed off as he looked at the case in his hand. 
          "Super Mario Brothers," sighed Bones, "My dad used to have this game. He and I would play it all the time when I was little. These are memories that stay with you forever."
          "That's Nathan's favorite game," said Jordan. 
           "I can see why," said Bones as he opened the case. He then frowned and said, "What's this? There's something scratched into the case." 
             Derek went over to him and looked, then said, "I think that might be a clue to his passcode! Let me take a closer look!"
             Derek took the case out of Bones's hands and looked closely at it. 
             "I think I can read it. It's a riddle of some kind!"
           "Nathan also loved riddles," said Jordan, "He never found one he couldn't figure out."
            "Let's see," said Derek, "It says, 'I'm thinking of 10 digits. 4 numbers, 6 letters. 2 birthdays, two people. One boy, one girl. My favorite console, and some jelly. What are the digits?' Then, in parentheses, '(the order matters).' Hm, let me think."
          "What does it mean?!" said Joshua. 
         "Just let me think, and I'll let you know when I figure it out!" said Derek. 
          "The four numbers must be the two birthdays," said Teresa, "but what was that about jelly?"
          "Jelly, jam--THAT'S IT!" said Derek, "Nathan's birthday is May 9th, right? And Jasmine's is January 2nd? That's five nine and one two. 5912! Now, their full names are Nathan Elliot Sycamore and Jasmine Alexandra Marcus. That's N. E. S. and J. A. M. Nathan's favorite console was the NES, and another term for jelly is jam! The passcode is 5912 NESJAM!"
           "Wow," said Teresa, "that's genius! Nice job."
           "Thanks!" said Derek, starting to blush, "Now we just need to get the keys to the shed. Jordan, you said you know where they are?"
           "Yeah," said Jordan, "I do. We just need to follow ROBBY."
           Just then, a small robot that looked like R. O. B., a Nintendo character, rolled through the door. 
           "This is ROBBY," said Jordan, "a robot that Nathan built after he was inspired by the Nintendo character R. O. B. He can lead us to the keys. Say hi, ROBBY."
           "GREETINGS," said ROBBY in a robotic voice, "I AM ROBBY. HOW ARE YOU?" 
            "I'm doing well," replied Jordan, "thank you. Please show us where Nathan's keys are."
            Then, ROBBY rolled out of Nathan's room, and the group followed him. 
            After about ten minutes, ROBBY came to a stop in front of a vase. Jordan reached into the vase and pulled out a keychain with sixteen keys on it. 
           "Thank you, ROBBY," said Jordan. 
           Then, ROBBY rolled to a power outlet, picked up an extension cord, and plugged one end into himself and the other into the outlet. 
            "It must have taken a lot of time to program ROBBY to automatically plug himself in to charge," said Derek, "Anyway, now I think we have everything we need. Let's go crack this case." 
           "We should be careful, though," said Cameron, "After all, we have no idea what we're walking into." 
           "That's true," said Derek, "so we should be prepared for anything. Is everyone ready?" 
           They all nodded, and they walked outside to the shed. 
           The shed looked just as beat-up as it did three years before. The shape was that of a barn, and the only windows were above the door. The sides of the shed were a dull grey with orange splotches of rust, and the roof was missing a few shingles, adding to the dilapidated exterior of Nathan's shed. The only parts that looked relatively new were the sixteen locks and the keypad, which had a screen with an orange lock symbol pictured on it, on the shed door.
          "Wait," said Jordan, "I noticed that Nathan always unlocked the locks in a specific order, then put in the passcode. Maybe we need to do the same?"
           "Probably not," said Derek, "but let's do it anyway, just in case. Do you know what order he did them in?"
            "I think it was from oldest to newest. He always bought a new lock on his birthday, and he would add the lock to the ones he already had." 
         Jordan took the keys out of her pocket, went to the door, and started unlocking the locks. 
          When she was done, she stepped back and said, "Derek, do you want to put in the passcode?"
           "Sure," said Derek as he walked to the keypad and typed in the passcode, "Let's see, 5-9-1-2-N-E-S-J-A-M."
            The screen on the keypad showed the orange lock turn green and unlock, and Derek opened the door a bit to make sure it didn't lock back before they went in. 
           "Is everybody ready?" said Derek. 
            They all nodded, and Derek opened the door all the way and went in, followed by the others. 
            The inside of the shed looked as messy as it did three years before, other than the thin layer of dust on everything. 
           "Look around," said Derek, "See if you can find any clues."
           They all started to look around, and soon they came up with nothing. 
           "This is ridiculous," said Joshua, "There's nothing here!"
           Bones hadn't stopped looking, and he picked up a jacket, and what he saw under it terrified him. He screamed in terror and backed into the opposite wall, and everyone went to his side. 
          "Bones, what's wrong?" said Derek, "You look like you just saw the grim reaper!"
           "THE MIRROR!" shouted Bones in fright as he pointed to the table. On the table was The Mirror, its golden frame untouched by the dust, and its glass streak-free. 
           "What's so scary about that?" said Teresa, "It's just a mirror."
           "N-no no no, that's no ordinary mirror," stuttered Bones, practically shaking with fear, "That's the Mirror of Majora, one of the most cursed objects in the world. That m-mirror was in my d-dad's hands a few hours before he died." 
         "Oh no," said Derek, "The mirror probably did something to Nathan and Jasmine!"
          "There's n-no telling what it could have done to them. It d-does something different to each of its victims." 
            "How can we know for sure what it did?" said Cameron. 
           "I-I don't know."
           "I'm going to figure this out," said Derek as he picked up the Mirror. 
           "What are you doing?!" said Jordan.
           Just then, the Mirror started vibrating.
           "What the heck?" said Derek, "It's vibrating."
           At first, it was just a soft vibration, like the kind a phone makes. Then, it gradually increased in strength until it was shaking Derek's whole body. Then, it stopped.
           "That was... odd," said Derek as he looked into the Mirror.
           Then, Derek's reflection disappeared, replaced with an image of a 19-year-old guy with long black hair matted to his head with sweat, glasses with a crack in the left lens, a black long-sleeved shirt missing a sleeve and drenched with sweat, ripped jeans (also drenched in sweat), and dark blue eyes with a scar across his left eye (but he can still open the eye and see through it correctly), and a 19-year-old girl with long blonde hair, green eyes, a dark grey top covered with sweat (also missing a sleeve), torn skinny jeans, a scratch on her left cheek, and a Catwoman hoodie with goggles, fighting what appeared to be shadowy, red-eyed silhouettes of themselves, and each time they hit one of the shadows, it would disappear, then reappear somewhere else. Derek recognized the two immediately. 
         It was Nathan and Jasmine.
         "Guys, I see them!" said Derek, "I see Nathan and Jasmine!"
         They all looked over Derek's shoulder to see. 
          "Nathan! Jasmine!" shouted Derek, "Can you hear me?!"
          Nathan punched another shadow and yelled, "Derek?! Is that you?!" 
          "Yes, it's me," said Derek, "Can you see me? Look to your right and slightly up."
           He did so, and then yelled, "Yeah! I see you!"
           Jasmine looked and said, "Hey! We are glad to see you!"
           Derek saw another shadow creeping up behind Jasmine and yelled, "Jasmine! Behind you!"
           Jasmine spun around and kicked the shadow in the stomach (or where the stomach would be), and the shadow disappeared. 
          "Help us!" yelled Jasmine, "Get us out of here!"
          "How did you get in there?!" said Derek.
          "I said the incantation carved into the edge of the mirror," said Nathan, "and the next thing we knew, we were in this place!"
           "I have an idea!" said Joshua, "What if we say the incantation backwards? Maybe it'll free them!"
           "That might work," said Derek, "Let's try it!" 
           Derek took a magnifying glass from on Nathan's desk, looked at the incantation, and said, "Okay, I've got it. Here goes."
           He cleared his throat and read, "'Kadeltahstnev, esokitkom oitces, murojam suicalg, sihsuotnilb kotzem!'"
          The Mirror flashed, and it flew out of Derek's hand (literally). Then, it stretched until it was big enough for it to be a full-length mirror, and Nathan and Jasmine tumbled out of it. As they did so, the Mirror shrank back to its original size. 
          "Nathan!" shouted Jordan.
          "Jasmine!" shouted Cameron.
           Nathan and Jasmine got to their feet, just in time to be hugged by Jordan and Cameron. 
          "We've missed you two so much!" said Jordan. 
          "We're so glad you're finally back!" said Cameron. 
          "Wait," said Nathan, "How long were we in there?"
          "Three years," said Derek, "at least, it will be three years in a few hours. Right now it is 5:30pm."
          "Wow. I'm not sure how to respond to that."
          "We did it! Yeah!" yelled Teresa, throwing her arms up in the air in victory.
          Just then, a shadowy tentacle came out of the Mirror, grabbed Teresa's right arm, and started dragging her towards the Mirror!
         "Whoa. Guys?! Help!"
         Derek was the first to react. He ran to Teresa, grabbed her other hand, and tried to pull her away from the Mirror! 
         "Let go of her!" yelled Derek. 
         Just then, Teresa screamed in pain and yelled, "It's getting tighter! It feels like a tourniquet!"
          "STAND BACK!" yelled Bones, who was holding a pocket knife. He then ran to the shadowy tentacle and started hacking at it with his knife! Then, with one final slice, he chopped off the end of the tentacle, which evaporated as soon as it was severed. The rest of the tentacle retreats back into the Mirror, which then fell to the floor, but somehow didn't shatter. 
          Because of the sudden release, Derek fell backwards, and Teresa fell on top of him, so they were staring face to face at each other. 
          "Um, hi," said Derek sheepishly.
          Joshua, who didn't even notice his twin brother lying underneath Teresa, ran to Bones and said, "Dude! That was amazing! I didn't know you had a pocket knife!"
           "Th-that was the idea," said Bones as he closed his pocket knife, "When you live on the streets, y-you learn a few things. F-for example," he put the pocket knife in his pocket and continued, "to always keep a weapon of some kind close by, in case you need it. Y-you never know when someone might try t-to mug you."
          Teresa stood up, helped Derek up, and said, "Are you okay?"
         "I'm okay," replied Derek, "just a little shaken up, but I'll be fine." 
         Then, he looked at Teresa's arm, which was badly bruised, scratched, and discolored up to her elbow from the tentacle's granite grip, took a first aid kit off of a shelf, took some ace bandages from it, and said, "That arm needs to be taken care of. May I?"
          Teresa held her arm forward and said, "Go ahead."
          Derek then applied some ointment and started wrapping her arm in the ace bandage, being very careful not to move her arm too much. When he was done, he said, "Try to bend your elbow."
          She did so, and winced from pain. Derek added some more ointment and ace bandage closer to her elbow, and said, "Now try."
         She tried, and it didn't hurt. 
         "Wow," she said, "you are really good at that."
         "Thank you."
         She smiled and said, "No, thank you. You saved my life." 
         "Oh, um, no problem," said Derek sheepishly, "Anyone would have done the same. I mean, not anyone, but you know what I-"
           He was cut off when Teresa grabbed him by the shoulders. 
           "I'll stop babbling," he said. 
           Teresa rolled her eyes and kissed him. On the lips. For long enough for it to be considered PDA. 
           Everyone watched them as it happened, and Joshua put his hand over Bones's eyes so he wouldn't have to see it. Bones pushed his hand away, obviously not phased by it. 
          After about one minute, Teresa stopped kissing Derek, who was speechless. 
          "Wow," was all he could think of. 
         "Derek's got a girlfriend," said Joshua mockingly. 
         Derek mouthed the words 'cut it out' to his brother, who was laughing. 
         Teresa smiled and said, "How's that for a thank you? Being kissed by the girl you've had a crush on for the past four years."
          Derek stammered, "Whu-ho-how did you..."
          "Did you really think I didn't notice you always checking me out?" said Teresa, "It was kind of obvious. But don't worry. I like you too." 
        Teresa hugged Derek, and he smiled, hugging her back. 
          "Okay, so that happened," said Joshua, "What do we do now?" 
         Just then, the Mirror started glowing, and before they knew it, thousands of shadows started pouring out of the Mirror and out of the shed. Then, almost as soon as it had started, it stopped. Then, Nathan stomped on it, but it didn't break. It didn't even scratch it. Not even a speck of dirt! Then, a more powerful-looking shadow with white glowing eyes came out, grabbed the Mirror, and left the shed. 
         "What were those things?" said Jordan. 
         "The ones with red eyes were the Shroud," said Nathan, "the keepers of the Mirror of Majora, but I've never seen that white-eyed one before. I fear we have unleashed a great evil on the world."
          "I know what is gonna happen," said Bones.
          "The Shroud will kill us all."
This is that sequel I was referring to! The Mirror of Majora II: The Shroud's Revenge. I decided against splitting it into parts, since it would've been difficult for me to find good places to split it apart. It was much easier to just type it all up in one. I hope you enjoy it, but be warned: It's a bit of a long one. 


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  • Darth Plagueis The Wise66

    Yeah Derek, Well, I'M BATMAN!!!!!! YOU WILL NEVER BE THIS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    almost 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    The ones you mentioned, Gameboy and Gamecube

    about 3 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    ...Which two consoles, specifically?

    about 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Awesome! I have a Gamecube too but not a Gameboy Player (The thing that connects to it) Ya got to stick with the classics :) What games do you have for the two consoles?

    about 3 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    I used to have a GameBoy Advanced SP, but it had to be thrown away. The screen was a little messed up (which wasn't a problem), it was too old to be made anymore (which wasn't a problem), and the hinges were broken, so the only thing that was holding the two pieces together was a single copper wire (which, apparently, was a problem, despite the system still functioning properly). So, my mom snapped the wire and threw the two pieces away...

    I still have a GameCube, though! And that thing that connects to it so I can play GameBoy games on it!

    about 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Nice! I got it on gameboy (I'm an old school child)

    about 3 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    They just popped into my head, I think. Keep in mind, I wrote this years ago...

    Also, I recently got Dig Dug on the Xbox ONE! Who knew they had it on there?

    about 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    I agree with Nathan retro games are awesome, especially Dig Dug (child hood classic) How did you decide on the names for the characters?

    about 3 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Interesting. You could probably cut back a bit on the descriptions of Nathan and Jasmine in the mirror. I'm not a halloween fan, so pardon me if I'm not the most enthusiastic about ghosts or cursed mirrors. ;)
    Still, you did a good job in reeling in your reader.
    Keep up the good work!

    God bless!

    over 3 years ago