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Quantum Gunman: Chapter Ten

October 1, 2017


It was time for Quantum to be in a round. Apparently, this guy won by probing your mind. That's the only thing Quantum knew.

"So, Quantum, how old are you?" The guy said.

"Uh, how old are you?" Quantum said.

"I am twenty-seven, but we're talking about you," 

"Let's just say I'm older than you," 

"Aha! You don't like your-" He was going to continue, but Quantum simply shot him in the neck.

"Stan got shot before he could enter the mind!" The announcer said,"Honestly, we kind of expected this."

Quantum walked to the sidelines, and a suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder. He turned around,p and saw a man with a large moustache.

"Rick, don't do that," Quantum said.

"Why, we did it in 'Nam," Rick said.

"Whatever, why are you here?"

"I gonna help you find Rick Faker!"

"Really? Rick Faker?" 

"This is serious, they may try to find my ex-wife, and kill her or somethin'"

"You would love that," 

"Hell yeah I would! But I wouldn't love it if it involved me,"

"What if you did it?" 

Rick was silent. Suddenly a man that kinda sort of resembled Rock ran toward them.

"Hey, Quantum, sorry I'm....late?" The other Rick said.

"Hey, sup dude!" The real Rick said.

The stand off of the Ricks had begun.
Hey, this is my longest series! That's cool.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    Which Rick is which? Who's the real Rick? Who's the Rick Faker? CONFUSIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!

    Anyway, great work, as usual.

    almost 2 years ago