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Braving Life (Chapter Five)

October 2, 2017


    "Your power's only going to get stronger," Jesse informed. "But you'll also be able to control it better as you get older. If you're strong enough, you could change the future with your power."
    "I thought it was a physical power," I retorted. I tripped on my feet and fell into Jesse. He pushed me up with an amused look on his face.
    "It is. But some, it's very rare but some can control more abstract things with their minds if they are very talented. It can be dangerous though. So, we need to pick through the prophecy and see if you can help decipher it. If you ask me, it's quite lame but I obey everything our commander tells us." Jesse pulled me into a large homey room. "So, here's some paper, you can take notes. Here is a pen to take notes with. And here is a copy of the prophecy."
    I slowly looked down the paper. "When the world is dark and haunted by time the ghosts will come flying by. So... I don't get that. So yeah, the PACK and y'all seem to be having a dark time and such but what about the ghosts?"
    "Xanna says that ghosts tell her things. We're not sure if that's true; all seers are a little crazy in the brain. So what she says about the prophecy is that the ghosts told her that the ghosts would come. Like I said, crazy in the brain," Jesse scoffed.
    "They will tell you of the dread to come; there will be two but only one; can fix the ruin; that once seemed true. Okay. So something bad is coming. Yeah. Two but only one. So that'd be the two choices me and the other one that you won't tell me about. So only one of us can fix the ruin. That makes sense. I don't get the 'that once seemed true'. Does that mean that it's going to turn out to be pointless?"
    "Interesting idea but I don't think so."
    "There will be debate; and years to come; before he picks; the final one. So that's you. It took years?!"
    "Yeah," Jesse admitted. "This is a big decision."
    "'She will think herself; to be no one.' Yeah, definitely my personality. 'She must be shown; the potential she owns'. I don't get that."
    "Well it means you think think you're unimportant and not special but you really are. You are the most special person in the universe. You are the one who will stop the evil and bring forth a new life. You will be honoured - "
    "Yes you're very sweet but that was a  joke."
    "Since I don't have potential. Haha. Get it? 'But she must be trained so carefully; she is stronger than she may seem.'"
    "That's what I was saying," Jesse said. "You could be so powerful and that could be used for evil."
    "I don't get this last part. 'But in the end; it will be right; you shouldn't have picked; that one; if you wished to win the fight.' Isn't that contrary? Like it will be right but you'll lose the fight?"
    "We don't get this part either. We were hoping you would understand." Jesse investigated her face carefully. "You don't know something we don't know right?"
    "Of course not!
    "Are you sure?"
    "I can tell if you're lying."
    "I'm not lying!" Something shattered.
    "Stop!" yelled Jesse. "This is what the prophecy means! You need to stay calm! This could so easily get out of control."
    I narrowed my eyes at him. I was getting really upset with him. Suddenly he flew back into the wall. I grinned in pleasure.
    "That was you?"
    I haughtily lifted my chin. "Beware how you treat me. I'm not lying."
    His eyes suddenly looked very frightened. "Jeannie you need to stop."
    Suddenly it hit me. I was struck with sudden reality. "I'm sorry, Jesse," I gasped. "I didn't mean to."
    "I know," he said gently. "It's hard when you start."
    "If we fought," I started with my voice shaking, "would you win?"
    "I would've said by a long shot, but I don't know. You're very powerful. And I don't want to test it." He turned and left me in the room. Alone.


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