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Quantum Gunman: Chapter Nine

October 1, 2017


Tyler now had crutches. He was going to make good on his promise to get to Laval. He knew the farthest he could get was Regina, but first he had to get a car. He went to a grocery saw one that had keys in it, and just went in. Then a voice behind him said,"Your not my mommy!" 

Tyler turned around, saw there was a little kid, and then swore. Before the kid could say "You said a bad word!" he already went back to where he was in the parking lot.

He went to the same car knocked on the window, and held up a bag of candy. The kid ran out lf the car, and Tyler threw the bag across the parking lot. He the started the car and left the parking lot. 

You know, Tyler thought, I didn't think children would trust random dudes with beards.

He then turned on the radio, and heard the stolen car report.

"He lured my child away," An america woman said,"Amd just took the car!"

"Not my fault your child's dumb," Tyler said, talking to the radio.

"He gave me candy though!" The child said.

"Wait...was that the candy bag with the tiny pistol in it or..." 

Then there was a bang sound from the radio. 

"....Man, I had no idea that cap gun made such a realistic sound," Tyler said, before finally setting off for Regina.
Can anyone tell if they like this series so far? If so why?


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  • Lee Fudge

    He broke his left leg, he is using his right. It's an incredibly uncomfortable situation. Sorry I didn't make that clear

    over 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    I like this series! It has a nice balance of seriousness, humor, and science fiction time travelling shenanigans! (Did I just say shenanigans?)

    Great work, as usual. Just one thing, though: how did he drive the car with a broken leg?

    over 2 years ago