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Computer Virus

October 1, 2017


Code. I love code. It's my favorite part of the computer. They're trying to get me out of here, but I get be brought out that easily.

"This virus is a tough one," A man said. 

"What's it called anyway?" Another man said.

"The current name is Evolve," 

"What? Why?"

"Because, that's what it does," 

"That's not all I do!" I said.

Both men looked startled, and then I came up on the screen. They seem suprised that I looked human in a blue suit.

"Hey there!" I said,"Name's Mainframe!"

"Mainframe?" The first man said.

"Yeah!" I said," It stands for something, but I can't remember." 

"...it's alive" Both man said

"Hey, look what I can do," I then grabbed the recycling bin icon, and strted grabbing what's in there.

"Oooo," I said, grabbing one called "Internet Explorer","This one looks tasty," I then ate it.

"....I don't think you can beat this!" The second man said.

"Really, then this is like a all you can eat buffet!" I said. 

All that code is really tasty.


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  • Lee Fudge

    It may become a series, maybe if I get into bored with Quantum Gunman.

    about 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    A sentient computer virus? Who's ever heard of such a thing?
    ...Oh, right.

    (Great work, by the way. Is this a "stand alone" thing? Or is it going to be a series, like "Save the World (Because I Don't Want To)" or "Quantum Gunman"?)

    about 2 years ago