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Oh Jake....

October 2, 2017


Dear Jake,

   I...I got it. I got your letter, and every night I pray to the gods that it was actually you. It was finally actually you. I miss you so, so much and..why Jake? Why did you leave me? I cry everyday by our tree...but now...its only me. I cant laugh any more. My smile has disappeared from existence. My whole point of being friends with anyone like we are has floated away in the wind. I've changed Jake.
And I don't want to change. So please. Please don't let that be your last letter. Please come back, and surprise me with that goofy smile and grin of yours. Come back to me, and hug me the tightest you ever had. Please Jake. And despite what has happened, I'm not the only one who has changed. Ryker feels like he's loosing someone that he's close to all over again other than his friend. Leo doesn't talk as much anymore, and you and me both know that's odd. And all of your training mates, and Levi and Sadie...they both miss you. They all miss you. I miss you. I wonder if one day, there will be a laugh again. And a smile, with hugs. I really do wonder if it's still at all possible. If not, then tell me. Don't let this letter go to waste, go ahead and tell me what your thinking is Jake. Because I feel I'm falling down. I'm falling down into the depths of Tarturus, and no one is there with me. To catch me, and to save me. So, until you do catch me, I'll be sitting here. Under these leave-less branches in this cold January air. My fingers turning to ice, only Ryker there to keep me warm.


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